11 Effective Methods To Fix “Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped” Error On Android Phones

11 Effective Methods To Fix “Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped” Error On Android Phones

Camera is an essential part of Android phones and everyone loves to use their phone’s camera for different purpose such as clicking pictures or recording videos etc. Lovely moments are captured so that we can enjoy seeing them later.

In fact, nowadays selfies has taken place in everyone’s mind so we click beautiful pictures in several poses with friends or alone.

All in whole, if you see practically then we cannot live our life without photos or cameras, right?

But what would you do when your phone’s camera just gets stop working?

You will stop for a moment and you might have a shocking face that what had happened to your phone’s camera, right?

Well, the problem is not with you and me but plenty of users have reported about the issue. They have received a message saying, “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped on Android phone.

Now, this is a serious problem for almost every user who experience it. So, its important to fix it but how? Well, in this blog is will guide you few methods to fix Unfortunately, Camera has stopped error on Android.

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Reason for “Unfortunately, Camera has Stopped” error

Well, if you look at the reason behind the error then its because of hardware and software problem. Basically users love to install third party apps and when third-party camera apps are installed then such error are seen.

Apart from this, when camera is damaged internally then also you can expect such error on your devices. However, its not an easy to figure out the actual reasons behind the error but yes, I can tell you that the issue can be solved.

I have gathered few solutions for you to fix Unfortunately camera has stopped error on Android.

What are the ways to solve “Unfortunately, Camera has Stopped” on Android?

Here you will get some of the best solutions that can help you to get rid of the above error. So follow them one by one and I am sure you will easily resolve the issue.

Let’s directly jump to Solutions

Solution 1: Restart your camera app

The very first solution to get rid of the error is by restarting the camera app on your device. You can come across such issue when you have used the app for longer time.

So, simply exit from camera, wait for almost 30 seconds, and again restart the app again.

I would like to say that whenever you come across “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” error then restarting is one of the best ways to solve such error instantly.

But if the error is severe then this solution might don’t work for you. So you should move to other solutions as well.


Solution 2: Restart your phone

Another one is also important to fix the issue. When you see such error on your phone screen while accessing camera app, just restart your device once. Several problems have one single solution and that is by restarting your phone.

Simply follow the below steps to restart your phone to solve the problem:

  • First, if your device is locked then unlock it
  • Now press ans hold “Power” button unless a menu occurs
  • Here you have to choose “Power off” and wait for few seconds
  • After that, press and hold “Power” button to switch ON the device
  • And now, try to open the camera app again. Doing this will solve the error.

After doing this method, if you still face the problem then move to next solution.

Solution 3: Uninstall third party camera apps

Do you have installed any third party camera apps on your phone? If yes, then this might be the reason for the error you are coming across. Actually when third party camera apps are installed then those apps stops the main camera to use.

Therefore to solve such error, uninstall every third party apps you have installed. Or if you don’t have any third party apps then move to next solution.

Solution 4: Clear cache and data of Camera app

Clearing the cache and data of camera app can help you to solve the error. Many times, cache and data are the reasons for coming across camera app error.

Clearing cache and data has helped lots of users to get rid of the problem. Only you have to follow the below steps:

  • First, go to Settings > Application Setting or Apps
  • Now go to All > look for Camera > clear Cache and Data

  • When you have done these things, now you need to press Force Stop button
  • At last, restart your device and now open the camera app and check if the problem is resolved or not

Solution 5: Wipe system cache

Many users have reported that after clearing system cache, they have solved “Unfortunately, camera has stopped” error on their devices. You don’t have to do anything difficult.

Simply go to Settings > Storage & Memory > click on Cached data option > click on OK to confirm

Solution 6: Clear cache and data of Gallery app

Many times the error occurs because if gallery problem as it is directly linked with camera. So you should clear cache and data of gallery app by following the steps:

  • First, go to Settings > Application Setting or Apps
  • Now go to All > look for Gallery > clear Cache and Data
  • When you have done these things, now you need to press Force Stop button
  • At last, restart your device and now open the camera app and check if the problem is resolved or not

Actually when large amount of data is collected in Gallery then there is a chance of getting such error. Therefore, you should move your data or photos to some other place or external storage.

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Solution 7: Update your device

Whenever your buy a new device then you might have noticed that system update is available in high quantity. In this updates, companies provide some camera patches to users. Many times, you might get the error after updating your device.

So, such situation, you should follow other solutions to deal with the error.

Solution 8: Install Google Camera App

When the above solutions don’t work for you then you should try to download Google Camera App and you can use it as a primary camera.

But you should remember few things before downloading and installing camera app. You have to disable your stock camera app before this.

To disable camera app

For this, you need to hold the app for few seconds and then click on App info. From there, you can easily disable Camera App. You can also go to Settings > Application List or Apps > Camera.

To download and install

You might not get Google Camera app on Google Play Store but still you can do it from some websites.

Solution 9: Use third party camera apps

When nothing goes on your way then you can install third party camera apps from Play Store. You can get lots of them, which can provide you better camera options and features.

This is just an alternative, which don’t fix the problem actually but it can help you to use your device without any errors. But its all up to you whether you want to install third party camera apps or not.

Solution 10: Use Safe Mode

Well, before moving to this solution, I would like to tell you that it’s a little bit complex solution than others. But if you try this method then it will ensure you whether the error is because of third party application or not.

All the third party apps are disabled when you put your device in safe mode. Follow the below steps:

  • First, press and hold Power button after which you will see different Power options
  • Then press and hold Power Off button
  • After that, a popup box will ask you to restart your device in Safe Mode
  • At last, click on OK

After your phone enters Safe Mode, check your camera is working or not. If now your camera is working fine then its fault of the third party apps installed in the device.

So, now you have to uninstall all the third party apps and check whether the error is resolved or not.

If still the problem continues then the last solution is Factory Reset that is mentioned below. Follow the steps for it and get rid of the error immediately.

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Solution 11: Factory Reset your device

At last, the only solution left is to fix camera not working issue on Android is by doing factory reset. In this, your device is reset to default settings. This is the last option so its better to follow all the above solutions first and then only you should move to this method.

Also make sure you backup all your important data from phone in safe place.

After that, go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone.

That’s it.

Remember– All these solutions work effectively Huawei, HTc, Samsung (Samsung S4, Samsung S5, Samsung S6, Samsung S6 Edge, Samsung S7, Samsung S7 Edge, etc.), LG (LG G3, LG, G4, etc), Motorola, Xiaomi, Lenovo and other Android phones.


So all in whole, all these 11 methods will help you to resolve “Unfortunately, Camera has Stopped” error on Android phone. In several cases, following different-different solutions works to encounter the problem, so you should check which one works for you.

When nothing works the do factory reset of your device. I would also like to say that in between, if any of your data gets deleted or erased from phone then with the use of Android Data Recovery software, you can recover lost data from Android phone.

In addition, if you have any suggestion or queries then don’t forget to drop a comment in the below comment section.

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