[9 Ways] Fix S Pen Keeps Disconnecting On Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra/S23 Ultra/S22 Ultra/Note 10

Are you facing an S Pen keeps disconnecting issue on Samsung Galaxy phones and wondering how to fix it? Well, the problem of S Pen getting disconnected has become a common issue for many users.

Many users have reported about the S pen issue on their devices but don’t know what to do. So in this article, I will guide you with various troubleshooting tips to fix S Pen Keeps Disconnecting On Samsung Galaxy phones.

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How To Fix S Pen Keeps Getting Disconnected Notification

After getting the issue, you might think about what to do if your S Pen is often disconnected from Samsung, right? Well, don’t worry, and simply read further to get the best solutions.

Method 1: Reboot Your Device

The very first trick that many experts suggest is to restart your Samsung Galaxy phone. The rebooting of your device solves any kind of bugs or glitches that might lead to the S Pen disconnecting issue.

Follow the below steps:

  • First, press and hold the Volume Down + Power key unless the Restart option occurs
  • Now, click on the Restart option

Force restart Samsung

  • Your phone will restart automatically and then check if the problem is solved

Method 2: Re-Insert S Pen

Even removing and reinserting the S Pen on your device can do the job. It has proved successful in solving the connection problem and it can work again. So this trick is an easy way to get rid of the problem.

Re-Insert the S Pen

Method 3: Ensure Phone Is Not Connected To Magnetic Accessories

If the error continues on your phone then you should check if your device is connected to any magnetic accessories like a phone and some metallic cover. These kinds of things can somewhere affect negatively the device and stop the function of the S Pen. So just check and remove all those kinds of accessories.

magnetic case

Method 4: Enable Keep S Pen Connected

You must check if the S Pen is connected to your device or not. Many times, it is connected for some time to conserve battery.

Follow the below steps:

  • First, launch Settings on Samsung device
  • Now, go to Advanced Feature
  • Next, choose S Pen and then on S Pen Settings
  • Finally, enable the “keep S Pen connected” option and then see if the error is resolved

Enable Keep S Pen Connected

Method 5: Charge The S Pen

If your S Pen is not charged then you can come across connection issues on your Galaxy devices.

Here is how to check S Pen’s battery:

  • First, open Settings and then click on Advanced Feature > S Pen

Charge The S Pen

  • Here, click on Air Actions and the S Pen’s battery level will be visible

Charge The S Pen1

Or if you cannot see the percentage then simply enable the Air Action toggle and it will be visible

Method 6: Check And Update OS

You should make sure that your device is not running on an outdated version. If yes then you should immediately update it to the latest version.

Follow the below steps:

  • First, open Settings on your phone
  • Now, click on the Software Update option
  • After that, click on Download and Install

software update

Finally, follow the instructions provided and wait unless your phone OS is updated

Method 7: Check Connection Status In Air Actions Settings

When your Samsung Galaxy S23 or S24 phones are showing an S pen connection issue then you should check the connection status under Air actions settings by reinserting the S pen.

Follow the steps below:

  • First, go to Settings on your phone and choose Advanced features
  • Now, click on the S Pen option
  • Here, click on Air Actions

connection status3

  • Finally, reinsert the S Pen on device and then check the connection status

Method 8: Replace S Pen Tip

In most cases, the problem is on the S Pen tip, and due to this, you have to put pressure to press the pen. So if this is the case, try to replace the tip. If you have got an extra tip in the box then use it or else purchase a new one to fix the problem.

Replace S Pen Tip

Method 9: Reset S Pen & Connect Again

Finally, when none of the methods works for you then you should reset your S Pen and again connect it. This process will reset to default settings and hopefully, the error will be resolved.

Follow the steps:

  • First, open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone
  • Now, choose the Advanced feature option and click on S Pen
  • Here, click on Air actions
  • Next, click on More options
  • At last, choose Reset S Pen

Reset S Pen5

That’s it, your S Pen will be reset now and will get connected without any problem.


So all these are some of the effective solutions suggested to fix S pen keeps disconnecting from Samsung Galaxy phones. The issue can occur to any user and may be for various reasons. However, the best thing is that there are ways to fix it.

I hope, you have followed all the fixes suggested and the issue is resolved now.

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