13 Methods To Fix HBO Max Stuck On Loading Screen

Are you coming across HBO Max stuck on loading screen error? Willing to know what to do and how to get rid of it?

Well, this kind of issue is experienced by plenty of users and they don’t know how to tackle it. There can be several reasons for the error like service outage, poor internet connection, damaged app cache, or even due to old software.

The issue occurs while you open the HBO Max app. Because of this, users face lots of trouble as they cannot access their favorite content.

If you are also dealing with the same issue and looking for fixes then this article is for you. Here, you will get the best workarounds about how to fix HBO Max stuck on loading screen.

How To Fix HBO Max Stuck On Loading Screen Error- Best Solutions

It’s time to go through the possible fixes and apply them to get rid of HBO Go stuck on the loading screen. All these solutions are tried and tested.

So let’s read further.

Method 1: Reboot Your Phone

The issue can occur due to several bugs or glitches and therefore it is suggested to restart your Android phone once. This process can fix any kind of temporary issues and allow users to use the app again.

Here is what you need to do:

  • First, press the Power button > choose Restart
  • Once you click on it, wait for a few seconds unless your device restarts.

Restart your phone

After this, open the HBO Max app and check if it’s working as usual.

Method 2: Check For a Stable Internet Connection

When your internet connection is slow, you can stuck on such kind of issue on almost every app. Therefore, you should check if your device is getting a strong internet connection to make the app work again.

The best way is to check the speed of the internet by using speedtest.net. If you find some issue then just contact your service provider. Once you get a proper connection, open the HBO Max app and check if it’s working without any problem.

Method 3: Clear HBO Max Data

When the issue continues then another best way suggested is to delete the cache and data of the HBO Max app. By doing this, all corrupted or damaged cache files will be removed and there is a chance of getting the issue resolved.

Here is how to clear HBO Max app data:

  • First, open Settings > click on the Apps option
  • Now, click on HBO Max > Open Storage
  • At last, click on the Clear Data option to remove apps data

Clear HBO Max Data

Now, open the app and check if the app is working fine without any further problems.

Method 4: Check HBO Max Server Status

Another reason for getting HBO Max stuck on the loading screen issue is server problems. Whenever there is a server outage, the app will not open. To confirm it, simply visit Downdetector or the official Twitter page of HBO Max and check if it’s under maintenance.

hbo max server status

If yes then you have to wait unless it gets resolved on its own. But if the problem is not because of server maintenance then move to the next solution.

Method 5: Reinstall HBO Max App

Another solution that can help you is to uninstall and reinstall the app once. Doing this process, there is a chance that the issue can get resolved without a loading screen.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, open the HBO Max app on your phone
  • Now, long press the icon > choose Uninstall

Uninstall HBO Max

  • After that, tap on Uninstall once again
  • Next, open Google Play Store > search for HBO Max app > click on the Install option

Install HBO Max

Method 6: Delete Browser Cache/Cookies

Many users watch HBO Max on their PC/laptops via browser. But it may happen that the browser cookies and cache files get corrupted. If such kind of issue occurs then you should delete the cache and cookies to resolve the issue.

Follow the below steps:

  • First, open Chrome (or whatever browser you are using) on a PC
  • Now, tap on the More option at the top right
  • After that, tap on More to clear browsing data

clear browsing data

  • Next, select time range > choose All to remove everything
  • Then, tick mark on “Cookies and other site data” & “Cached images and files
  • At last, tap on the Clear Data option

That’s it.

Method 7: Check & Update HBO Max App

Are you using the older version of your HBO Max app? If yes then you should check if it needs any update because the culprit can lie here. The update comes with lots of fixes, performance, and improvements to the device.

Check out the below steps to update the HBO Max app:

  • First, open Google Play Store > open Profile option
  • Now, open My Apps & Games > find the HBO Max app from the list
  • Next, check if there is any UPDATE option and tap on it


This will update the app to the latest version and hopefully, the issue will be resolved

Method 8: Try To Watch Another Show

It may happen that your HBO Max stopped working because of some particular titles. However, you can confirm it by going to the media library and then playing some random TV shows or movies.

This will help you to analyze if the issue is on all shows or only the one you are watching. If other shows are playing then make sure that particular show is only the culprit.

Method 9: Sign Out & Sign In To HBO Max Account

If HBO Max keeps freezing then it’s suggested to log out and log in to the app again. This is yet another proven solution to fix such kind of issue.

Follow the below steps to re-login to HBO Max:

  • First, open the HBO Max app on your phone
  • Now, tap on the Profile icon
  • After that, click on Sign Out option

sign out of HBO max

Once you successfully log out from the app, wait for some time and log in to it using your credentials.

Method 10: Delete A VPN

If you are using VPN services on your device then it can also put you in such an error message. VPN can conflict with a few apps and users get loading screen issues.

However, you can disable or delete VPN services to solve the issue.

Here is what you have to do:

  • First, launch Settings on the phone
  • Now, tap on Network & Internet
  • Then, tap on VPN > select VPN setting
  • Next, click on Forget VPN
  • Finally, tap on Forget option to confirm

Method 11: Check Device Compatibility

You can also get HBO Max stuck on a loading screen error when your device is not compatible. Though it can happen in rare cases one should always check it. You can easily verify it by visiting the Help Center of the HBO Max app.

Here, you will get a list of all compatible devices. If your device is not supported then get one and use the app.

Method 12: Reset Network Settings

When you don’t configure network settings properly then also there is a chance of getting stuck on such an error. Therefore, you should always check and reset it to fix HBO Max stuck on loading screen TV.

Here is how to reset network settings:

  • First, go to Settings > choose System Settings
  • Now, select Backup and reset > tap on Reset phone
  • Next, tap on Reset Network Settings


  • After that, enter the password when asked to verify identity to move ahead in the resetting process
  • After the process is finished, open the app and check if it’s working as usual

Method 13: Contact HBO Max Help Center

When nothing works for you then the last option left is to take help from the support team. You simply need to open HBO Max’s Help Center and report the issue to professionals.

Contact HBO Max Help Center

Don’t forget to explain the error to the team you are getting. This will help them to identify the issue in a better way and your problem will be resolved ASAP.

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So this blog ends here and I hope you have successfully fixed HBO Max stuck on loading screen issue. There can be several reasons for such errors but nothing to panic about as various fixes are available. Apply all the methods and get rid of the issue easily.

Also suggested using the Android Repair tool to get rid of any types of errors on Android or Samsung phones.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries then drop them in below comment section.

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