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[4 Methods]- How To Backup iPhone With Broken Screen And Passcode

[4 Methods]- How To Backup iPhone With Broken Screen And Passcode

Does your iPhone screen is broken and is locked with a passcode?

Are you willing to get back your important data from iPhone but not getting any best way to deal with the problem?

Well, the situation is really heart-broken when our phone screen gets cracked or shattered by accident and we are not able to access our precious data from it. In this case, it becomes important to bring back the data and the fix the broken screen issue.

If you have a broken phone then backing all the data from it is not an easy task. But the good thing is if you have enabled iCloud backups on your iPhone then there are chances that all your data might be available.

If the situation is with you then I would recommend you to read this guide completely and you will know how to backup iPhone with broken screen and passcode. Here apart from iCloud option, you will also learn other methods to backup and recover data from broken or locked iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/8/7/6.

Reasons behind iPhone screen broken or locked

There are several reasons behind broken iPhone screen and you cannot rely on one. The most irritating situation occurs when iPhone screen gets broken but the data stored on it are not accessible. When screen gets cracked then backing up those data from phone is really hard.

Generally, the iPhone gets damaged or cracked when it gets dropped from a height and screen gets broken. When such things happen then users only think whether any possibility to access the inaccessible data stored or iPhone or any way to backup those valuable data.

Well, I will cover this in the next topic. So continue reading further…

Is it possible to get back data from broken screen?

When iPhone screen gets cracked or broken many of them think the stored data cannot be accessed or retrieved by any means. But this is completely wrong.

Because, when your phone screen is broken and you don’t have taken a backup then there is still a chance to do that, as the phone is still alive and can be detected by any computer or other ways to backup.

Generally, when device’s screen is shattered then it’s a hardware problem and it also means that the data stored on it is still available inside your phone and can be recovered.

All in a whole, it means that your important data from iPhone with broken or locked screen can be extracted or backed up with ease.

Now lets see at the backup methods from iPhone with broken/locked screen one by one…

#Method 1: Backup broken/locked iPhone using iTunes

With the help of iTunes, you can backup your iPhone data from broken screen. For that, you have to connect your device to PC and then open iTunes.

If your iPhone is connected to any new PC then it will popup asking whether computer is a trusted device. But selecting this option might be problematic, therefore you should use that PC only that you have already used before.

Now follow the below steps to backup all your data from broken iPhone screen.

  • First, connect your iPhone to computer and then open iTunes
  • Tap on iPhone icon at top right

  • After that, tap on “Backup Now

Hopefully, this method will work but in case if you fail to connect your phone to your trusted PC then leave this method and follow the next one.

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#Method 2: How to use trust computer on iPhone with cracked screen

When you come across broken iPhone and this is the first time you are connecting your device to PC then you have to follow the on screen options to allow connection.

First, you have to enter PIN and then click on ‘Trust this Computer’ option. But don’t forget that this method is difficult too.

But there are other ways as well. You have to use workaround that require Two keyboards: wired one and Bluetooth one. This is too useful when you have lots of videos or photos on your phone and you want them back.

Even you can use any existing keyboard to enter PIN and then switch on voiceover. A USB cable is required for this. Even a Bluetooth keyboard is required.

Once all these things are collected, now its time to follow the below steps:

  • First, plug wired keyboard on iPhone
  • Now you have to enter password or the PIN
  • Here, switch on VoiceOver and to do this, go to Siri and say ‘Hey Siri, turn VoiceOver on

  • After that, click on Home Button thrice to switch on VoiceOver mode
  • Now, you have to enter PIN or password
  • Again, speak to Siri and say ‘Turn on Bluetooth
  • And then, say ‘Siri, Open Bluetooth Settings

Now, you have to use VoiceOver mode to work within Bluetooth settings menu by using left and right keys on keyboard and connect it to Bluetooth keyboard. You can press Up and Down buttons at the same time to connect Bluetooth keyboard.

This is not necessary to follow if you have already connected to Bluetooth keyboard.

Now you should follow the below steps by simply disconnecting wired keyboard.

  • First, connect your phone to computer
  • Now with the help of Bluetooth keyboard, you can use VoiceOver to search out when actually keyboard is highlighting ‘Trust’ You can use left and right keys to go between ‘trust’ and ‘don’t trust’ buttons

  • When you see the highlighting of trust button and simply press Up and Down buttons together on keyboard

Now as you have gone through the steps above and you have made your iPhone trust to computer, its time to follow the steps of #Method1.

#Method3: How to unlock iPhone broken screen with iCloud Find My iPhone

You might be aware of iCloud and if you use it for backing all your data then you will be surely able to restore all the latest backup to unlock passcode. For that, you have to follow the below steps:

Step 1: First, you have to sign in to iCloud with Apple ID and password and after that, tap on “Find My iPhone”

Step 2: Now go to “All Device” > select your phone in broken screen > tap on “Erase iPhone” to delete iPhone and password

Step 3: Click on Restore from iCloud Backup through Setup Assistant on iPhone

This process is similar to iTunes restoring process and that too without passcode. But one thing that might fear you is the data loss situation after a complete backup.

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#Method 4: Backup all iPhone data using iOS Backup & Restore Tool

Apart from the above methods, I am sure you are looking for any better solutions that can help you to backup all content and data from broken iPhone. With the use of iOS Data Backup & Restore Tool, its possible to backup every stored on iPhone.

This is a professional tool suggested by many users as it works effectively to backup every content from iPhone without any issue. This tool is also useful when any data gets deleted as it can help you to restore every data from iPhone.

It supports every important data such as contacts, photos, videos, messages, documents, notes and several others without any worry.  Its easy to use and so you just need to Download iOS Data Backup & Restore software and take a backup of all useful data stored on broken or locked iPhone screen.

Steps to backup data from broken iPhone screen

Part 1. Backup Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Step 1: Connect your iOS Device to Computer

After launching the software on your computer, choose Backup & Restore option from list. Then through USB cable, connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to computer. Your device will automatically detect the device.

The software for iOS devices supports several data types including social App data, privacy data like LINE, WhatsApp, Kik data, Viber etc.

Step 2: Select the file types to Backup

After the software automatically detects your device, you have to select file types to backup and then tap ‘Backup’.

Also you can click on folder icon below file types to customize backup file saving path.

This entire process will take some time depends on the storage. After that, the software will display the supported data such as Messages, Photos, Videos, Contacts, Call Logs and other data.

Step 3: View the backup file

Once backup is over, you can tap on View Backup History to view all iOS device backup history. Tap on View to check the contents of backup file in categories. Select single file or multiple file to export or print them to computer.

Part 2: Restore Backup to Your Computer

Step 1: Choose the backup file

Launch the software and select Backup & Restore. Then connect your device to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to computer and tap on Restore.

You will get the option View backup history if this function is used to backup your device. Click on that option to view backup file list.

After this, the software will display backup history. Only select the backup file you want and hit on View button next to backup file.

Step 2: View and Restore the backup file

Once you tap on View option, it will analyse the backup file and all categories in backup file will be listed.

After all files are listed, click on them by selecting all and proceed next. Currently the software will restore Contacts, Photos, Videos, Notes, Messages, Safari Bookmarks, Calendar, Call History, Voice memos to device.  All these files can be exported to your computer.

When you want to restore files to your device then you have to select files and tap on Restore to Device. Within few seconds, all the files will be on your iOS device.

Now if you want to export files to computer then click on Export to PC and choose save path to export files.

Bonus Tip- How to recover deleted data from iPhone with broken/locked screen

Going through the above manual steps, there might be a data loss situation and you can lose your essential data from it. In this situation, you should use iOS Data Recovery software and easily get back erased data from iPhone.

No matter whether your phone is broken or data is lost due to some other causes, your valuable data can be retrieved from broken screen iPhone without any worry. This is the best way to recover data from broken iPhone with ease.

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After reading this blog, I am sure you have come to know about how to backup iPhone with broken screen and passcode. There are many iPhone users who come across broken screen on iPhone and they don’t know how to backup their useful stored data from it.

So, for all those users and other iPhone lovers, if you ever come across such condition then don’t worry, this blog will really help you to come out of the situation.

Further, if you have any suggestion then don’t forget to drop a comment in the below comment section.

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