Why Are iPhones So Expensive Compared To Other High-End Smartphones

Smartphones have become a key accessory to every individual now. It has increased our dependence on the internet just proportionately. As it has risen to importance, we see several brands coming out with smartphones at all price ranges to include a vast consumer bracket as well.

Nonetheless, in the league of smartphones, Apple significantly stands out and everyone seems to want to get a hold of it.

Steve Jobs took on the task to make Apple a worldwide famous brand. Today there are massive lines outside Apple stores all around the globe on the release date as people cannot wait to get their hands on the latest available iPhone.

As these phones get ridiculously expensive with every passing model, it almost seems guaranteed that there will be a line outside all the stores on the first day of the latest iPhone. But why are these iPhones so expensive and why do people keep buying them?

Let’s pen down some reasons below and find out why?


One of the main reasons why Apple products are so expensive yet and are well-received is the satisfaction of your data being secure that comes with it. Apple maintains strict security in all its products which has earned the trust of its customers. iPhone operating system (iOS) is a very secure operating system.

Androids can be tempered simply by rooting the phone but iPhone remains hard to hack. Thus Apple is the best option for those who want to make sure their stuff remains safe and intact.


One of the major reasons why the iPhone is so expensive is its customized hardware and software.  Unlike the rest of its competitors who operate on Google’s Andriod Operating System. Apple has integrated its own iOS to complement best to its engineered hardware.

This makes them tremendously fast comparing it to its rivals because of its operating system Apple runs on lightning speed.  Moreover, iOS has a better life than Android phone.

You may have noticed a gradual decline in performance in a new Android while an iPhone does not lose its performance or quality.  As long as there is no physical damage an iPhone will never disappoint you.


iPhones are renowned for their camera results that surpass other androids in their use. High-quality parts and most importantly high-quality lens.  iPhone produces pictures with higher micron pixels than average Android phones. An iPhone camera has a remarkable depth of field which yet has to be beaten.

The originator of multiple cameras on a smartphone Apple surely set the standard up high. It gave us multiple mods to shoot in. the latest iPhone allows you to shoot videos in 4k making the job of a camcorder obsolete.


Apple has kept its ecosystem very closed. You can’t get an iOS on any other device but an iPhone. Nothing is more satisfying than having a familiar operating system on every device that you own linking them to one another and creating a proper environment.

Synchronizing photos, sending texts answer calls can now be possible through your Macbook as well since iPhone supports a handoff that made it possible to start something on your iPhone and finish it on your MacBook or iPad.


When it comes to technology we all know that warranty is a big question. All the latest iPhones come with 2 years accidental warranty through Apple care+. Certainly, warranty and better customer service are also is an integral part of one’s decision towards buying something this expensive.

Just like when you opt for an affordable Xfinity Mobile plan, you also get reliable Xfinity customer service, as it is integral to any brand.

Brand  Value

Over the years Apple has become a well-established brand with loyal customers because of its distinct reputation and industrial design of its products. These millions of loyal customers are unwilling to change to a different company thus they accept whatever is thrown at them.

Moreover, Apple has successfully positioned itself in the trend as the “cool brand’. Charging a lot for an iPhone has made an exclusive around its brand and everybody wants to join that cult of followers that Apple has. Those who have iPhones are considered rich and exclusive.  Keeping an iPhone is more of a trend and there is no denying that.

Wrapping Up

Besides all the competition and critics’ iPhone remains the leader in the technological race of smartphones. And there is no denying that no one can be as well-received as the latest iPhone.

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