3 Ways To Recover Deleted Photos From Google Pixel 3/3 XL

This article will guide you completely on how to recover deleted photos on Google Pixel 3/3XL. No matter for what reasons your Google Pixel photos disappeared, follow the methods in this article carefully.

Now the question occurs, did you accidentally deleted your precious pictures from Google Pixel 3/3XL? If yes then its really a heartbreaking moment.

The disgusting thing is that the phone does not have recycle bin like a computer so that your deleted photos can be moved.

But this also does not mean that you will not get back those photos again. You have few best options to recover Google Pixel 3 photos disappeared.

In this article, I will teach you a few top ways to recover deleted photos from Google Pixel 3/3XL phone effectively.

So let us begin…

Common reasons that lead to data loss

You might know that Google offers a wide range of products and people just love its products. Google Pixel and Pixel XL have just successfully achieved to satisfy people in the mobile market. But it’s a common thing that users come across data loss situations on their phones which cannot be ignored.

Let is go through some common reasons:

  • Mistakenly or accidentally deletion of photos or files
  • While upgrading to any latest OS version
  • Android phone or system gets damaged
  • Due to rooting of the device
  • Malicious malware or virus attack
  • Due to factory reset of the phone

Is it possible to retrieve lost photos from Google Pixel phone?

Many Android users have this question in their minds, “can I recover deleted photos from Google Pixel“?

Before you panic, just remember that the photos that are missing from your phone seem to disappear but actually they are not.

The fact is that when any data get erased from your device then they still remain there but become invisible to eyes. The space is marked as empty and it’s ready for any new data to be stored.

Here, you should not use your phone anymore as soon as you come to know about the data loss. After that, search the best recovery tool Android Phone Recovery to get back the deleted photos from Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

NOTE– Though it is always advised to take a backup of all your crucial data in a safe place and if you still have not taken a backup of all your important photos and other data then its time to backup all your stuff in a safe place. Remember that creating a backup does not take much space and is far better to resolve data loss situations. Lots of storage media are available where you can store all your data in the proper place.

What are the things to do before the recovery of lost data from Google Pixel 3/3 XL?

Well, before you go for the recovery process, you should ensure few things that don’t interrupt in between. You should check that your Wi-Fi or mobile data is turned off, or even you can put your phone in airplane mode. This is because so that no new data can get saved on your device.

Apart from this, also stop using your Google Pixel phone immediately when you come to know about lost photos. The reason is the same, new data can get stored. Accessing the phone will overwrite the old data or photos and there will be no chance to get back those photos.

Method 1: Best Way To Recover Deleted Photos From Google Pixel 3/3 XL Without Backup

Android Data Recovery software is the one and only option that can help you to recover deleted photos from Google Pixel 3/3XL. This professional tool works effectively to restore erased photos from Pixel phones without any difficulty. Not only photos but other data like contacts, videos, WhatsApp chats, documents, call history, messages, etc are also recovered.

This wonderful software not only supports Google Pixel phones but Android phones and tablets like Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, OnePlus, Sony, LG, Xiaomi & many others and supports every OS version. It works in every situation no matter how the data or photos are lost.

So without any worry, its time to Download Android Data Recovery software and recover deleted photos on Google Pixel 3/3 XL phone.

Steps to recover deleted photos from Google Pixel 3/3XL

Method 2: How To Recover Lost Pictures From Google Photos

When your photos are deleted or disappeared then you can check them on Google Photos app. Another important thing to see is whether the Backup & Sync option is turned on or not. After you enable it and backed up the photos to Google Photos app all Google Pixel recently deleted photos will go to the Trash folder.

There, the stuffs will remain for 60 days and then are removed permanently. Now you can easily restore Google Pixel deleted photos.

Here are the steps to recover photos from Google Photos:

  • First, open Google Photos app on your Google Pixel phone
  • Then on left, click on Menu icon and go to Bin/Trash option
  • You will see the deleted pictures on this folder
  • Touch and hold the photos you want back
  • At last, click on Restore option

Now, all your deleted photos will be restored to Google Photos library and they are visible on your phone gallery as well.

Method 3: Get Back Lost Photos From Google Drive

Most of the users save their necessary data on Google Drive for future use. Even your photos are also saved on the Google Drive app and it can be easily restored. It allows users to save data up to 15GB and not only photos but other data are also stored on it.

Here are the steps to restore data from Google Drive:

  • First, open Google Drive app on your phone
  • Then, go to My Drive section and all files will be visible that are uploaded
  • Select the photos you want to restore from it
  • Now, right-click on the items and then tap on Download option
  • This will download your photos to the phone and you can access it as before.

Bonus Tip: How To Backup Photos And Keep Them Safe For Future?

Obviously, photos are essential for every user and nobody would love to lose them. However, some situation comes where our precious moments are lost or deleted. But if you have a backup of all your photos then you don’t have to deal with this kind of data loss.

To avoid such a situation, you should backup all your pictures and other data from the phone. Android Data Backup & Restore is a professional tool that works effectively to back up all essential stuff from the phone including photos. This is easy to use and also allows us to restore the data when required.


After going through this blog post, I hope now you are a bit relax to know how to retrieve deleted photos from Google Pixel 3/3 XL. Photos are important for every people and nobody wants to lose them unnecessarily. Well, now no need to worry as I have explained every detail to recover lost photos here.  And I hope, this will surely help you to get out of the situation.

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