How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android

How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android

Lost your important files from Android SD card and not getting any ways to recover them?

Nowadays, the Smartphone’s are launching everyday and all have excellent features with lots of storage space.  Some have internal storage whereas other have a dedicated card slot to place SD card to increase memory space.

With the use of SD card, users can save lots of data on their Smartphones. Inside SD card, there are number of small memory chip rows. The SD card can store several types of data like photos, HD movies, documents, music files, presentation and many more.

Though the fact is that Android users get lots of storage space on their phone including SD card but still they face data loss situation. Now the data is wiped away from SD card where lots of important or essential files are stored.

Users feel frustrated and annoying when such unwanted situation occurs as they get completely blank on what to do in such conditions?

Well, I would like to tell you that there is no need to worry, as I am here to suggest you on how to restore deleted files from SD card on Android.

This blog will explain you in details about how your data gets deleted from SD card and how to recover deleted files from sd card with ease.

User experience

How to recover deleted music on android sd card?

There are a lot of music on my Android phone’s sd card. and my kid just deleted many of them by accident. How can i restore those deleted music? I searched on google and there ae tons of topics on this. And I tried a few data recovery programs, still without any luck to get them back.

Anyone in here has suggestion on this?


Reasons behind lost files from Android SD card

Although you might know that whenever any kind of data gets lost on your phone then obviously there are few causes behind it. Some of the common scenarios are:

  • Unintentionally or mistakenly deleted files from SD card
  • Card gets damaged or corrupted
  • Sometimes due to power failure
  • Virus infection is yet another reason for data loss
  • Formatting the SD card without backup
  • Other reasons as well…

Is data recovery from SD card possible?

Yes, the data deleted from SD card on Android can be recovered.

The lost data from SD card can be recovered without any big issue. But you might think how is this possible?

I would like to say that whenever your files are erased or accidentally removed then those data or files are not permanently deleted.

Again you might think that how the data is not deleted permanently?

Well, its somewhere true that once you delete the files from any storage medium, they are not permanently removed but they stay in the device or SD card itself and becomes invisible. Because of this factor, there is a chance to restore deleted files from sd card.

But few things should be remembered:

  • Once the files are erased from memory card, it should not be used further. It means that no more access to the storage device and no more data will be stored. If the SD card is accessed then more data might get stored on it and the old files will be overwritten, hence the chance to recover deleted data from sd card will become impossible.
  • Second thing, you should find out some powerful recovery tool like SD card data recovery for Android because the wiped files are only recovered with the help of a recovery program.

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Can I get back pictures after deleting them from SD card?

Yes, there is a possibility to restore all lost photos from SD card.

The first thing is from backup that you have made or created in any form. If no backup is present then you need a powerful recovery program like sd card data recovery for Android to restore deleted files from sd card.

Can the files from a formatted SD card is recovered?

Yes, the formatted files from SD card are recovered.

Backup created by you is the first thing to apply to retrieve all lost files from it. When you don’t have backup then you should SD card recovery for Android software to gain access and all files are restored with ease. Only with few steps, all the deleted files are retrieved.

How to recover my deleted data from Android phone after factory reset?

Factory data reset though wipes the entire data but still the lost files can be recovered. Simply you have to Download Android Data Recovery software and after that, you have to follow the steps provided and all your deleted files like contacts, photos, videos, documents, SMS etc are recovered with ease.

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What are the ways to recover deleted files from SD card on Android?

Here you will come to know few best ways to deal with data loss situation and easily restore deleted files from sd card. Go through them carefully and rescue every deleted data you have lost easily.

Part 1: How to Recover Deleted Files from backup on Android SD Card

As you might know that nowadays, there are lots of backup options that allows you to create a backup of your essential files safely. And the backup feature allows to access those from Smartphone, computer, tablet etc. Dropbox is one of the backup feature that let users do the same job.

Even Google Drive is another best option to store all files and data safely to overcome data loss situation. So if you have habit of backing all your important data in these kind of backup features then its easy to restore them without any trouble.

Apart from these ideas, nowadays Smartphone’s are providing their own cloud feature, which you can see in Samsung (Samsung Kies), Huawei, Redmi (Mi Cloud), HTC (HTC Sync Manager), Sony and many other.  So if you have enabled all these features on your phone then obviously you don’t have to worry about data loss.

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Part 2: How to Restore lost files from SD card using third party tool without backup

When you failed to recover your important files via backup then only one thing is left and that is to use third party recovery software. Android SD Card Recovery is a free program that is developed to restore deleted files from sd card on Android. This software does not rely on any kind of backup as it works effectively to get back all lost files with ease.

Whatever data you have lost like text messages, contacts, photos, documents, videos, call history and many others, they all are recovered easily. It supports all Smartphone brands and SD cards and retrieves each files without any hesitation.

So, now its time to Download Android Data Recovery software and recover deleted data from sd card.

Tutorial on how to recover deleted files in SD memory card

Step 1: Connect SD card through Android device or with card reader

First, launch SD card recovery software and then choose “Recover

After that, connect your SD card on PC. Here you will get two ways to connect SD card: Either using card reader or by using Android device. Select the way you fit better and tap on “Next” option

After SD card is detected, a window popups. You have to tap on “Next” to proceed

Step 2: Now select Scan mode to scan SD card

Two scan modes are available for SD card recovery. Try Standard Mode first but when you fail to do it then try Advance Mode. With Standard Mode, select scan mode for the deleted files or scan all files from sd card.

Now choose the recovery mode you want and tap on “Next” to start the scanning process on your SD card

Step 3: Preview and recover data from SD card

After scanning process is over, the files will be displayed. On the left, tap on different data types to show the result. Simply check or un-check the files you want and then tap on “Recover” to begin recovery process.

BONUS TIPS- What are the common issues while using SD card

Issue 1: Insufficient storage available while downloading apps on SD card

You might have come across the situation of insufficient storage available on SD card when you try to download anything on it. The matter is that whenever you wish to download any app directly to SD card then by default, it get saved on internal storage.

If you continuously fail to know why less storage space is showing then you can know more on solve the insufficient storage available error.

Issue 2: SD card mounting problem

While removing SD card or while transfer of any files to SD card, sometimes an unwanted error occurs known as mounting error. This error is solved by un-mounting either SD card and Formatting the SD card.

Issue 3: Unable to view photos from SD card on Android gallery

After inserting the SD card on Android phone, sometimes it does not shows the photos saved on it. In this situation, the issue can be solved by simply rebooting the device once or reinsert the SD card. Even you can check those photos on computer after connecting your device to it.

Issue 4: Unable to move files from internal storage to Android SD card

Well, this is also the unwanted situation many users face but I think transferring of files is not so difficult. There are easy ways to move files from one place to another. You can simply use your computer to transfer all files on it and then put them in internal storage. Even the files has the option to move from SD card to internal or internal storage to SD card.

Moreover, if you have much confusion then try Files To SD Card app to move all your files easily. You can free download this app from Google play store. It works effectively and all media files like photos, videos, are moved to SD card. But also remember that this app is only to transfer data from memory to SD card and nothing else.

Bottom Line

Well, in this blog I have clearly focused on how to recover deleted files from SD card on Android and hope you loved it. This blog will surely help you to get out of the data loss situation that happens on SD card. If backup is available then its fine otherwise you have to use powerful recovery tool to get back all lost/deleted files from Android SD card.

Hope you like it and don’t forget to share it. If any suggestion you have then don’t forget to comment in the below section.

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