How to Restore Deleted Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Lost Contacts From Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+? 5 Effective Ways To Retrieve Them


Have you lost your important contacts from your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+? Looking how to retrieve deleted numbers from Samsung phone without any loss? Don’t worry, this blog will help you to retrieve contacts from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+?

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ is one of the latest phones from Samsung. This has launched few months before and it has many users because it has many extra features that really gives users a better experience.

It is seen to come up with many improvements over its predecessor. Whatever features Samsung has provided in Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, its expected to be far better than those and hopefully the price also matters a lot. Let us see how it works as per user.

Apart from this, there is a headache for every users of Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. This is the headache of data loss from the device. I know you would not love this word ‘data loss’ but you have to come across it.

There are some people who have reported that their contacts are lost from the new handset and this is not a new thing for user to experience. Here the main worrying situation is, you bought a new device and immediately you have to face data loss situation is really embarrassing and irritating.

But nothing can be done because you are new to the device and here data can be lost from your side or due to some mis-happenings that you might not identify or recognize. Just think that after so much of waiting, you have managed to buy the latest phone of Samsung and you have to face such types of situation is really frustrating…

Don’t worry, simply read this blog and you will come to know about how to recover lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

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But before that, let us know some of the common reasons which can make your data loss and hopefully you will focus on those things not to repeat such mistakes again but before that, let us a user experience who has faced data loss problem

User experience:

I accidentally deleted over 200 contacts on my phone. How do I have it restore it back from google? I think it is trying to sync the delete to Google but an error comes up saying it is having trouble. I can’t figure out how to restore?


Data loss reasons from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

  • Due to some error, your data gets deleted which you might don’t about
  • Some malicious malware or virus attack or bugs that completely stops you from accessing your device and at last you lose your crucial data
  • While transferring data from device to computer, USB disconnected accidentally
  • Even OS update sometimes makes data loss
  • Factory reset or formatting the device can misplace your important data

Now here the question is how to restore lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+?

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Hopefully, there are ways by which you can get your erased data back and can give you relief. Let us know how to recover them with ease.

Way 1: Recover lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ directly without Backup

Samsung Contacts Recovery is a professional software to restore lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. This software works effectively and is highly recommended in industry. With the use of it, you not only able to rescue deleted contacts but also the other files from Samsung device like photos, call history, documents, WhatsApp chats history, videos, text messages, audios, music files and many more are easily recoverable.

It supports every Android version to latest Android Oreo. Not only Samsung but users can retrieve data from other popular brands like LG, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, Redmi, Huawei, Motorola, Google Pixel etc.

Therefore, without any worry simply Download Samsung Contacts Recovery tool and retrieve deleted numbers from Samsung phone.

Steps to retrieve contacts from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Step 1. Connect Your Android Phone

First download Android Recovery software and then select “Recover

Now connect your android device to PC via USB cable. Also be sure you have enabled USB debugging. After your device gets connected, below mentioned image will appear:

Step 2. Select the file types to scan

After your device is connected to PC, Android Recovery software will display data types that it supports. Here you have to select the data types you want to recover.

If your device is rooted then the software will show you two options: Scan deleted files and scan for all files. Here selecting scan for all files will take longer time but will work effectively.

After that click on “Next” to continue the process.

Now it will scan your device to rescue lost data. This will take few minutes.

Step 3. Now preview and recover deleted data

At last when the entire scanning gets over, you have the preview option where you can check which data to recover. Select them and click “Recover” to save all lost data on your PC.

Way 2: Get Back Deleted Contacts From Gmail On Galaxy S9/S9+

Users can rescue their erased contacts from Samsung devices with Gmail. But to get back contacts from gmail, it is necessary to sync your device to Google account. If the data is previously synced to Google account then follow the below steps:

Step 1: First go to Gmail > Contacts drop down menu on upper left corner

Step 2: In the left pane, a list of contacts will be seen where you have to click More > Restore

Step 3: Now a pop-up will appear where you have to select a time and then restore your contacts list within 30 days.

Step 4: At last, tap on “Restore” and the process is over

Way 3: Restore deleted contacts from Samsung Cloud backup

Nowadays, Samsung devices are coming with in-built feature “Samsung Cloud”. This is an online backup service available by Samsung to their users. With the use of this feature, users can backup their data such as contacts, photos, videos, gallery, calendar, notes and many others.

So from here also users can restore their wiped away data. For that, users have to open Settings app and then click on “Backup and Reset” option. Now, under “Samsung account”, click on “Restore”.

After that, all the previous backed up data will be synced to your device. And between this process, just ensure that internet connection is switched on.


Way 4: Restore Deleted Contacts From Google Account On Galaxy S9/S9+

If you have ever synced contacts to Google account then you have a chance to restore them. Only you have to sign in to Google account and then follow the below steps are mentioned:

  • Go to Settings of your phone from Home screen
  • Now click on Accounts and backup and then on Accounts
  • Select Google account from list in which you have synced your contacts
  • And then click on Sync account
  • Ensure Sync Contacts is toggled on
  • Now click on Menu option from top right corner and select Sync Now
  • And that’s it, all your synced contacts to Google will be synced to Galaxy S9/S9+ address book

Way 5: How To Rescue Galaxy S9/S9+ Contacts From SD Card

Many users backup their contacts to SD card and whenever you come through contacts loss on your phone then you can restore them using “Import/Export contacts” feature.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open Apps tray on your Samsung phone
  • Then click on Contacts option
  • After that, click on Menu > Manage contacts on top right corner
  • Here you have to choose Import/Export contacts
  • Then click on Import
  • Choose SD card as FROM location and then your device as TO location > press Import option
  • Doing this, all contacts will be added to your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Bonus Tip: Steps to avoid contacts loss from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

If you really worry about your contacts and if they are important then its better that you switch contacts from your SIM card to another. Only need few steps to follow:

Step 1: First, go to “Contacts” app on your Samsung device and after that click on menu button or ‘More’ button

Step 2: now go to Settings > Contacts > Import/Export contacts > Export to device storage. After that you have to select the contacts which you want to transfer and at last, click on “Done” option to confirm the process

Step 3: Now after the second step is over, take out the original SIM card and insert it in another device. After that, go to Settings > Contacts > Import/Export contacts > Export to SIM card. Now choose contacts and confirm to copy those contacts to SIM card.

Video guide:

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Well you would know that data loss is a common situation and therefore you have to be always careful. Data loss happens accidentally and to recover them, you need a safe and reliable way to get them back. So nothing can be better than using Android Data Recovery software.

No matter in which situation you have deleted your contacts, this software works effectively and easily help you to get your data back without any original data loss.

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