[5 Ways]- How To Hide WhatsApp Chats On Android/iPhone

[5 Ways]- How To Hide WhatsApp Chats On Android/iPhone

Summary: Are you looking to hide WhatsApp chats on Android or iPhone? Now it’s possible to do so with the help of WhatsApp’s Archive feature. Learn the best possible ways to hide WhatsApp chats on Android/iPhone easily.

WhatsApp is one of the best and instant messaging platform used in world wide. It is used to chat between people, send messages, photos, gifs, audio, videos, calling feature etc. Its chats are encrypted end to end.

And this means that chats can be read by only you and person chatting you with. But sometimes, a risky situation occurs when somebody wants your phone to make a call or if your house is full of relatives then they can access those chats that you don’t want to show to anyone.

There are many people who complained that their personal chats were accessed by somebody else and its quite frightening. So to overcome this situation, you might want to hide those chats from others but don’t know how, right?

Don’t worry, just be relaxed and read this entire blog. Here I am going to share you some best and simple ways to hide WhatsApp chats on Android/iPhone and later on restore them with ease.

Why To Hide Whatsapp Chat?

Now there can be different reasons for different people of why they actually want to hide their chats on WhatsApp but the aim is not to show them on app’s home screen.

No matter it is a list of conversations you interact daily or just want to hide some secret messages from your partner, WhatsApp itself has several options to do it.

So those chats will not be deleted but will be hidden so that other cannot access them. It also means that whenever you want, you can restore them as well.

Part 1: How To Hide Whatsapp Chats From App Itself

Here I am going to show you best ways to hide individual WhatsApp messages on Android/iPhone via Archive option. Go through the below steps and make yourself tension free from any risk.

For Android:

Archive Whatsapp Chats On Android Phone

  • First, open WhatsApp on your Android phone
  • Now hold the chat you want to hide or archive
  • Then select downward facing arrow icon at top that looks like a box
  • Doing this, you chat will be removed from the list

Steps To Archive All WhatsApp Chats on Android

Sometimes, you need to hide more than one chats on WhatsApp, at that time you should follow the below steps:

  • First, open WhatsApp on phone
  • Then click on three dots on right corner
  • Now choose Settings
  • After that, click on Chat>Chat history> Archive all chats
  • And now, all your chats will be removed from home screen automatically

How To Recover Archived Chats On WhatsApp

Now its important to restore those chats as well to access them again. For that, follow the below steps:

  • First, open WhatsApp and tap on Chats tab
  • Then move down of the screen
  • Now tap on Archive
  • Click on those chats you want to restore
  • Then choose box icon with arrow pointing upwards

For iPhone

The process is almost same for iPhone as well when you want to hide personal chats in WhatsApp. So let’s go through them:

How To Archive Whatsapp Chats On iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp on iPhone and wipe finger over chats you want to archive. You have to do it from right to left motion
  • Then choose Archive
  • If you want to archive all chats then simply go to WhatsApp Settings > select Chats > click on Archive All Chats

How To View Archived Chats On iPhone

  • Go to Chats tab and go to top and pull down the screen
  • Here choose Archived Chats

Steps To Unarchive Chats On iPhone

You can easily view the archived chats when any new message enters the conversation. Or you can also unarchive through contact name or message of that person.

  • Go to Archived Chat interface > select the chat and slide finger over it from right to left motion
  • And then choose Unarchive

Another way to unarchive WhatsApp chats on iPhone

  • Go to Search bar on Chats tab
  • Then enter chat name or a message part that you wish to unarchive
  • Now wipe your finger from right to left over the chat
  • And then choose Unarchive

Note: Your WhatsApp chats or messages will not be deleted or backed up on iCloud during archiving. Archive option is supported by iOS 7 and later versions only.

Part 2: Use Privacy Screen To Hide WhatsApp Chats

Privacy Screen is one of the best-used app that focus on protecting all phone’s privacy from other people. It supports several apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc.

This app works by adding a privacy shade on-screen and adjust the app to a specific part of the screen. Check out the steps below to hide personal chat in WhatsApp.

  • First, Download App and install Privacy Screen on your Android phone
  • Now open the app where it will ask to choose screen area and set it according to need
  • Then tap on 3 horizontal line
  • And from here, you can set screen area and brightness

Part 3: Use Locker App For To Hide WhatsApp Chats

This is yet another useful and simple method that helps you to hide WhatsApp chats and messages. It provides a unique pin to secure WhatsApp messages and works on both individual and group chats to keep them secure.

This is free to install and so anyone can use it for their privacy. Only it requires few permission to get installed on phone.

Steps to use Locker app for WhatsApp

  • First, Download the app and install it
  • Now search for the icon and click on launch the application
  • Here you have to create PIN for locking chats and the app. Use the same PIN to enter digits and confirm it
  • Now set a recovery email address for future use
  • Then grant permissions asked by the app
  • At last, open the app and choose “+” icon to choose the chats to hide

Part 4: Use GB Whatsapp To Hide WhatsApp Chat In Android Phone

GB WhatsApp is called as modded version of WhatsApp that offers more exciting features compared to original one. It has so much of cool features to hide chats in WhatsApp.

Follow the below steps to keep all your chats private:

Step 1: First, install GBWhatsApp on Android and then login to it with WhatsApp account.

Step 2: Then long press on chat that you wish to hide and after that, click on three-dot at top right side > click on “Hide” option

Step 3: Here you will be asked to set new pattern. After you successfully set a pattern, your chats will be hidden from the list.

Note– After a chat is hidden, you will not get them in chat result even after searching.

Steps to access hidden chats on WhatsApp

  • First, go to main screen chat and then click on “WhatsApp” text on top-left
  • Now draw a pattern that you have set previously. And all your chats will be listed now
  • Here choose the chats that you wish to unhide and then on top-right side, choose “Mark chats as visible

Part 5: Use App To Lock Whatsapp

You will get many apps in Google Play Store that can help you to hide your WhatsApp chats, Messenger etc with extra layer. This app silently take intruder’s photo when wrong pin is entered by someone. Also you can set time to auto-lock WhatsApp or even you can lock WhatsApp by simply shaking phone.

Check out the steps below:

  • First, Download and install the app on your phone
  • Now open it where you have to set a pin code in order to open WhatsApp
  • After that, a screen will appear with apps list to lock. Simply toggle button to “ON” for WhatsApp
  • And now on top of apps list, select “Autolock Time” to “Immediate”, “Shake to lock” or even set a time


We all are familiar with WhatsApp and use it on daily basis. But sometimes, it becomes important to hide some chats either from friends, family members or partners. To hide personal chat in WhatsApp, you should know some best ways so that others don’t access them.

So in this blog, I have discussed some best ways to hide WhatsApp chat in Android phone/iPhone and hope that following them will surely help to keep your chats safe and secure from others.

Further, if you have any suggestion or queries then kindly mention them in the below comment section.

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