7 Effective Ways To Fix Purple Screen On Samsung Phone

Did you experience Purple Screen on your Samsung phone? Wondering how to stop purple screen from spreading? If yes then don’t panic as this blog will definitely help you.

Samsung phones are loved by millions of people around the globe because of their widescreen and several features. It always comes with extra features that users want but this is also true that Samsung phones can also experience glitches at some point.

Here, I am talking about the purple screen on the Samsung phone that many users have reported about. It is really frustrating and annoying and users just want to know if there are ways to get out of it.

Well, if you are also the one experiencing a Samsung phone stuck on purple screen and looking for fixes then read this article completely. Here, I will guide you few possible ways to fix Samsung purple screen issue effortlessly.

What Does Purple Screen On Samsung Phone Mean?

Many users actually want to know what a purple screen means. Well, you can see a sudden change in the color of the phone screen that is really irritating and it somewhere affects the user’s experience. You cannot access your device properly, nor you can play games watch movies, or do other activities.

Samsung stuck on purple screen simply means that the display is somewhere damaged because of falling or due to the liquid present on it. Remember when your phone drops several times and pressure is on the screen then you can Samsung phone screen bleeding purple.

But there are ways to fix this unexpected error on the phone screen.

How To Fix Purple Screen On Samsung Phone Effectively?

Let’s walk through the below fixes to troubleshoot the Samsung phone stuck on purple screen. Follow the methods as they are going to solve the error easily.

Method 1: Single Click To Fix Samsung Phone Stuck On Purple Screen

Though there are several reasons like hardware or software problems to experience purple screen on Samsung there are ways to fix it. In this situation, the best way to fix purple spots on Samsung phone is by using Android Repair. This is a smart repair tool that deals with various issues on Android phones. This tool is easy to use and without any technical knowledge, you can fix all sorts of issues you are having on your Android phone.

After using this repair software, you don’t have to look for other ways how to Samsung purple screen effortlessly. Only a few clicks are required and the issue will be resolved without any further problem.

To know how to use the repair tool, check its user guide.

Free Download Android Repair Tool

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(* Free version only scans and allows to preview recoverable stuff)

Method 2: Restart Your Samsung Phone

One of the best and most basic things to consider when you come across such an error is to restart your phone once. This can fix several minor issues on your Samsung phone and it also does not take much time to tackle the situation. In fact, this is the best way to stop purple screen from spreading.

Simply follow the below steps to restart your device:

  • Press and hold the Power button on the Samsung phone
  • After that, click on the “Restart” option and it will be restarted

restart phone

Now, check the device if the purple screen is removed or not. If not, then move to the next solution.

Method 3: Get Your Device Into Safe Mode

Another way how to fix purple screen on Samsung is by giving a restart to your Samsung phone in safe mode. This will disable all the apps running on the phone and lowers the function of the operating system. Even this method is used to fix unresponsive or frozen screens on Samsung phones.

Check out the steps to restart a Samsung phone in Safe Mode:

  • First, press and hold the Power button on your phone
  • After that, click on Power Off > then OK
  • Now leave the Power button and press the Volume Down button
  • Continue to hold it unless the phone boots up
  • Here you will see Safe Mode on your phone screen at the bottom. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved now.

exit safe mode

Method 4: Remove External Hardware From Device

Another thing that you can try to fix purple screen on Samsung Note 5/A50/J7 Pro and others is by removing external hardware. I mean to say that if your device has external SD cards, headphones or any other things attached then try to eliminate them.

external hardware

This is highly recommended because many times the external hardware might have a fault and this can put you in trouble. If you fail to fix the issue using this method then it can help you to grow the issue further. But most of the time, you can see the difference after removing the external hardware from the phone.

Always remember not to attach any broken or damaged accessories as this can directly impact your phone and can make you suffer from issues like the phone screen bleeding purple.

Method 5: Update Your Samsung Phone

Did you check your device if it needs any software updated? It happens many times that your phone needs to be updated with the latest OS and the error is occurring due to it.

Therefore, you should check once if any update is available. Simply go to Settings > select About Device. After that, check if any update is present. Tap on the “Download and Install” option and the device will be updated.

software update

Method 6: Remove Overclock Settings From Phone

Many users overclocked their phones so that they could get higher hardware performance. But this can put you in trouble because many users have suffered from it. What will happen is it will generate excess heat and voltage and due to this heat, you can see the Samsung phone stuck on purple screen error.

overclock setting

Therefore, you reset the overclock settings to fix the issue. When you reset the clock then the pressure on hardware like GPU is regulated. And now your phone will work smoothly without any problem.

Method 7: Factory Reset Samsung Phone

The last resort to fix Samsung purple screen issue is by doing a factory reset on the phone. This will remove everything from the phone like app settings, data, passwords, and others making your phone completely new.  When your Samsung A50/A7/M30 phone bleeding inside the screen resetting the phone will help you to get rid of it.

Follow the below steps to reset your Samsung phone:

  • First, switch off your device
  • Then press and hold the Power button with the Volume Up button and Home button
  • Now wait for the Recovery menu option
  • Here, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset from the list

wipe data

  • Next, click on Yes to remove user data
  • Finally, choose Reboot System Now


When you come across a purple screen on Samsung phone it really irritates users. But such an issue is a common one like other Samsung errors like black screen, frozen screen, etc. Well, if your Samsung phone has changed its color and looking for solutions then this blog is for you. I hope, whatever methods discussed here will help you to fix Samsung stuck on purple screen issue.

I would also suggest you go for Android Repair if you want an instant fix from the Samsung purple screen. Further, if you have any queries or suggestions, kindly mention them in the comment section below.

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