10 Methods To Fix “Google Play Store Download Pending” Error On Android Phones

Google Play Store Stuck On Download Pending- 10 Useful Methods To Fix Google Play Stuck On Downloading In 2019

Recently plenty of users have reported that they have come across an error in the Google Play Store while downloading an app. According to them, the error was “Download Pending” which they have never seen before.

Now users are confused what to do and how to get rid of Google Play Store stuck on Download pending error.

Google Play Store is the default store for Android users where millions of apps are available and users can freely download and install any apps they wish. But what actually happening is users are not able to download any app because they are continuously seeing ‘downloading pending’ error on their devices.

After getting lots of complain from users end, I have gathered few fixes for downloading pending error on play store while downloading any favorite apps.

So let’s begin with the solution but also let us know what is this error is actually.

What is Google Play Store Download Pending error?

When we download any app from play store, then usually we see an image of downloading progress of the app. But many times, the phone stuck on downloading pending message.

In fact, many times this is just a fact of seconds and its not a big issue. But what to do when you continuously see ‘download pending’ message on your phone?

Well, this issue can occur due to several reasons.

However, you might wait for it to go off automatically but after waiting for some time, you gets frustrated because here you have to do something to get rid of it.

So, read this blog further and know how to fix Google Play store stuck on Download pending error while downloading apps.

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Solutions to fix play store not downloading apps

Let’s directly jump to Solutions

Solution 1: Make your own way by checking the apps update section

You might have noticed that the apps you have downloaded from Play store are automatically updated to latest versions. But many times, they are done manually.

While trying to download any app on your phone, it may show you in queue and you get a message downloading pending.

To fix this issue, simply open Google Play Store > click on Menu icon > select My Apps and Games.

Now click on ‘X’ button to cancel the downloading app or just click on Stop button to cancel all downloads. After that, you can move on to download your favorite app and see whether the problem is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Force stop play store app

Another easy way to get rid of downloading pending error message is by tapping on Force Stop button on Play Store. For that, you have to follow the steps below:

  • First, go to Settings > Apps
  • Then select Google Play Store from listed apps
  • Here you can see “Force Stop” button

Just click on it and again enable it and check if the problem is resolved or not.

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Solution 3: Check mobile data and Wi-Fi connection

Several times, you cannot download your favorite apps because of poor Wi-Fi connection or data connection on mobile. Due to such, you can see downloading message on play store.

This is not a big deal because this can be solved by proving your phone with better network connection.

It happens that mobile data is not providing proper network connection due to which several issues are seen and while downloading any apps from play store. In such condition, you can try to connect any strong Wi-Fi connection and check whether the progress bar is moving ahead or not.

Even you can toggle Airplane mode off/on for some time to fix the issue and again check if the problem is solved or not.

Solution 4: Clear data and cache of app

May be there is a possibility to show you error while downloading apps due to stored cache files. Therefore, you should clear the old data and cache of your app.

Simply go to Settings > Apps > search Google Play Store.

There you will get Clear Data option, just click on that and it will clear the data of the particular app. Do the same thing for clearing cache files.

After that, when you go to play store then you might have to enter your login details. Just login and check whether the error message is resolved or not.

Solution 5: Reset App preferences

Another best option to get rid of pending message is by resetting the apps. Doing this will reset all your apps, so ensure to back up all settings previous to reset.

Now follow the steps below:

  • First, open Settings app on your phone and click on Apps section
  • Click on 3 dot menu button in top right
  • After that, click on Reset app preferences

  • At last, confirm the action by clicking on Reset button or Reset apps

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Solution 6: Check the timing on your phone

Several times your phone’s date and time are automatically set up via geo-location but every time this is not the case. Conflicting time can be issue for your play store message.

So you should change date and time of your phone by going to settings > click on Additional Settings > select Date and time.

Now turn off automatic date & time and set them to manually. Moreover, check time zone is correct or not.

Few users have reported about the solution of play store pending error by changing date & time to something else. If your date & time is correct then you should try to change it and check if the problem is resolved or not.

Solution 7: Delete Google play service

You should follow this method as well to fix pending issue on play store. Follow the steps:

  • First, go to Settings > click on Apps
  • Now choose Google Play Services from the list
  • After that, tap on 3-dots menu and click on Uninstall Updates
  • Now restart your phone to re-install Google Play Services
  • Again go back Google Play Store and download the app

Solution 8: Remove your phone’s SD card

You might be shocked to hear that SD card can stop you from downloading any apps on your phone. Nowadays, Smartphones are not coming with external SD card support but if your phone has this feature then you should remove it.

Your SD card can get damage or corrupt, or gets infected with virus or may be it needs to format it, all these things stops you from downloading any app from play store and shows you error message.

So either you try to remove it from phone or save the path of apps to phone’s internal memory.

Solution 9: Enable Download Manager

You should know that to manage all downloads and updates on Android phone, Google Play Store uses Download Manager app. So, you should check whether the app is disabled or enabled. If it is disabled then enable it.

Just go to Settings and click on Apps. Here you are in System Apps. Now you will get Download Manager under system apps.

Solution 10: Try using new account

When nothing works for you then it might be the problem from your Google account you are using. Something is getting wrong and it is stopping from downloading any app.

So to ensure this, you have to first logout of primary Google account and login with any other account and see whether any app  is downloading or not. If everything goes fine then it may be your Google account fault and you should check its settings and permissions.

So, you have to go to Settings > click on Sync or Accounts (based on model of phone and OS) > click on Google.

After you tap on More option that you will find in the bottom, you can see Remove account option.  Here you can add a new Google Account and then check the things are going on well or not.


So, all these are some of the best and reliable methods that can help you to fix Play Store Stuck on Download Pending error on Android phone. If you have any more solutions then you can suggest them or if you have any queries then mention them in the below comment section.

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