Wondering to sell your iPhone as it has become old and you wish to buy a new one?

Worried about how to delete entire data from iPhone but don’t remember Apple ID?

This might be the situation with as well as others when they want to erase their iPhone but they don’t remember their Apple ID password. What to do and how to wipe iPhone without Apple ID is really a big question for users, which I will suggest better ideas to do it.

Just imagine that you have your old iPhone that you are using from long time and now its high time to change it. Though, you want to sell it or donate it to somebody but what about the data that is on your phone?

Even you delete your data from iPhone; still you found that some data is left on it. What to do is a big question. You might think that resetting the phone can do the job but it requires correct Apple ID and password.

But what to do when your forgot your Apple ID? How would you reset your iPhone without it? Don’t worry, I will introduce best ways to reset or erase iPhone without Apple ID.

So move ahead and read this blog carefully…

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What to do when Apple ID is lost?

Everyone is familiar with Apple ID because it’s an account for all Apple users as it require for shopping in iTunes store or in iCloud and for purchasing apps.

However, when you forget Apple ID and password then it’s a tough time for every user to deal with the situation they come across. Main problem is that you cannot access the servers and unable to manage all personal files in iCloud backups.

But there are ways to reset or erase your iPhone when Apple ID is not remembered or forgotten.

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Why users need to erase their iPhone?

Obviously, every users have different perception of deleting their phone permanently. But some of the common reasons include:

  • Want to protect identity and to maintain privacy of all personal and confidential data
  • Before selling or donating the phone
  • Removing confidential information like bank credentials or conversations
  • Deleting any kind of secret data stored on your phone
  • And others…

What to do first when you forgot Apple ID password?

There are few things to do before you move ahead to erase iPhone without Apple ID password. You should try to recover your Apple ID with the help of Apple. You only need to take the assistance of Apple’s official website to get back Apple ID or password. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: First, open browser on your phone and go to Apple’s Find Apple ID page

Step 2: Here enter your first name, last name along with Email address that is linked with Apple account. If you forgot the email address you have given while setting Apple ID then you can put current email address.

Step 3: You have to type verification code as seen in the screen or can tap on “New Code” to get a new code

Step 4: After that, either click on “Recover by Email” or “Answer Security Questions” as per your requirement. Then follow the screen options to reset Apple ID password

Step 5: Now you will receive Email with the recovery instructions. Only follow them on how to reset the Apple ID and its password


Reset Apple ID from Web

When you as a user forgot Apple ID password then you can also follow the below steps to retrieve it.

  • First, go to icloud.com and go to “Forgot Apple ID or Password” option
  • Now enter Apple ID and tap on “Continue

  • After that, enter phone number you use with your ID and tap on “Continue” to move forward

  • At last, you will receive a message with some instructions that you have to follow to finish resetting your Apple ID password

If you fail to recover your forgotten ID and password then move ahead to know how to erase iPhone without Apple ID.

Best ways to reset iPhone without Apple ID

Well, you don’t know which methods can work for you but I am guiding you all the possible ways that can help you to erase your iPhone without the need of Apple ID or its password. Go through them one by one and reset your phone without any trouble.

Method 1: Easy way to erase iPhone/iPad without having Apple ID password

When you don’t remember your Apple ID then also you can easily remove the ID and can erase your phone. One of the best and simple ways to solve your worry is by using a powerful tool known as iOS Data Eraser. This third party program works effectively to wipe out your iPhone completely without any issue.

Using this tool will not allow you to restore any deleted data because whatever data or files is deleted via this tool is permanently erased without leaving any recovery option. It works for every iPhone models including iPhone XR/XS/XS Max and latest iOS 12 versions.

So without any worry, simply Download iOS Data Eraser and remove every important files or stuffs from iPhone without any difficulty.

Tutorial on how to erase iPhone without Apple ID

After you launch the software on your computer, you can several features as mentioned below. From there, you have to select Erase option.

Now here you can see how the software works to erase data from iPhone completely.

Step 1. Connect your device to the computer

First connect your iPhone or iPad to computer via USB cable. After it detects your device, it will show you 4 options. From there you have to select “Erase All Data” and begin the process.

 Step 2. Now begin erasing your iPhone completely and permanently

After that software detects your device, you can directly click on “Erase” button to start erasing your iPhone permanently.

As the deleted data cannot be recovered so you need to be careful and “Delete” to confirm the process.

Step 3. Now wait until the data is completely deleted

As the data deletion begins, you don’t have to do anything but wait till the end process and make sure your device is connected.

When the erasing is over, you can see a window disappears as given below

Now your device is completely erased and it now turns to a new device with no content.

Method 2: How to erase iPhone from Settings

There are ways in your phone itself that can help you to remove all data or stuffs from Settings. But before you follow this step, you need to ensure few things:

  • Make sure “Find My iPhone” is disabled on iPhone
  • If your phone has set up with restriction passcode then remember the passcode

Now follow the below steps carefully:

Step 1: First, launch “Settings” and then select “General

Step 2: Go to bottom and click on “Reset

Step 3: Here you will see “Erase All Content and Settings” option, press on it

Step 4: If any passcode is required then enter it and after confirming, click on “Erase iPhone

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Method 3: Restore iPhone without Apple ID using iTunes

You can restore your iPhone by using iTunes recovery mode. But many times, it becomes difficulty to operate. No worry, you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: first, connect your iPhone to PC and then open iTunes

Step 2: When your phone is connected, you should force restart your iPhone until recovery screen appears

  • For iPhone 8 and later, you have to press and rapidly release Volume Up button. Again press and quickly leave the Volume Down button but keep pressing Side button until you see recovery-mode screen.
  • For iPhone 7/7 Plus, you should hold Side button along with Volume Down button unless you see recovery-mode screen.
  • For iPhone 6S and its earlier versions, simply press Home button along with Side button until recovery-mode screen occurs.

Step 3: When you see Restore or Update option, simply press on Restore. Here iTunes will download all important files and will perform Apple password reset


  • If this process takes more than 15 minutes then it means that iPhone has existed from recovery mode. It also means that you have to follow the above steps again to complete the process.
  • This method is not so easy to perform and can take longer time then you expect
  • When “Find My iPhone’ is enabled then your device might get stucked on iCloud activation lock page after restoring. Here the Apple ID and password is required to set up iPhone.

How to rescue lost data when iPhone is wiped away completely?

This is an important part because million of users loses their important stuffs from their iPhone or iPad and they look on how to restore them. Though, factory reset wipes away data from phone but still there are chances to restore them. You should check iTunes or iCloud backup first as you could get back all stuffs from there.

But ensure that your backup files don’t get overrides with the latest data. If this happens then you might don’t get any chance to recover the old deleted data and you will lose everything.

In this situation, you need to use iOS Data Recovery program to get back all erased data from iPhone/iPad. It allows you to view and then selectively restore the data you want from iTunes or iCloud without any hassle.


Everyone loves their data on iPhone and nobody in this world would love to share their private data with anyone. It means that they want to keep them private and whenever they want to sell or donate their iPhone, they need those data to erase completely from phone without any recovery option left.

The most irritating situation happens at that moment when you want to reset your phone but don’t remember Apple ID.

In this blog, I have tried to sort out the problem on how to erase iPhone without Apple ID and I hope, all methods will help you to do so without any trouble. Also ensure, you make a backup of all your important data just to avoid any kind of data loss.

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