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4 Proven Ways For How To Recover Deleted YouTube Videos In 2019

Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

Deleted your YouTube videos from phone accidentally and don’t know how to recover them?

Don’t worry, accidental deletion generally happens to every user where they lose some important data like YouTube videos. You cannot imagine when you can face such problem as the deletion might happens from your end where you press the wrong button and videos are removed.

But no need to take tension as there are ways to recover deleted YouTube videos.

We all know about YouTube, one of the best and popular video sharing platform. Here anyone can upload and share their videos either by Organizations, individuals or corporate sectors. In fact, it is also one of the way to make money online.

You might have noticed that whatever you search on this platform, almost everything is available. From songs to movies, short movies, audio files and many more that a person need.

This is an ideal platform to share your own views with millions of people around the globe. But sometimes, an unexpected situation occurs and your videos are deleted.

So are you prepared to handle the situation? If not then this blog is definitely for you because here you will know how to recover deleted YouTube videos and what can lead to such incident.

How YouTube Videos Does Deleted?

There can be several reasons that can lead to deleted YouTube videos and this deletion is annoying. However, if you see for data deletion then accidentally deletion is a common one but apart from this, there can be several other causes.

Some of them are:

Deleted Google account– The YouTube videos may disappear when Google account is deleted

Accidentally deleted videos from YouTube– While uploading or editing the previous videos, you may press delete button accidentally and those videos are difficult to recover

Privacy complaints– Sometimes a third party files a report against your uploaded files as a copyright violation. This may stop you from accessing your videos on YouTube

Videos are removed by YouTube– YouTube has many rules and if anyone don’t follow them then YouTube may delete the videos. In such condition, you can edit your videos by following the rules.

Content problem– When your videos does not comply with YouTube or content are non-friendly then management can remove any videos without any warning.

How To Recover Deleted YouTube Videos?

After losing videos, it’s a very critical situation to handle. However, there are few ways that can help you to bring back lost videos. Here I have mentioned below few methods to deal with the situation.

Method 1: Get Back Deleted YouTube Videos Using Backup

If you have created a backup of your YouTube videos then then it will be very simple to restore them on any external device or on PC. The videos available on backup will allow you to upload the files again to your YouTube channel.

Now there are several backup options to save your content. But if you don’t have backup then go for the next method.

Method 2: Recover Lost YouTube Videos Using Web Archive

You might don’t know that whatever you do on internet are recorded as electronic archive. The services like and are available that are grouped by dates. Using this, you can get back deleted videos.

So follow the below steps:

Step 1: First, login with your email account you have used for your YouTube and then look for deleted videos. There check the URL of that video and copy it

Step 2: Now open a new tab and open Now on Home page, type “” and then paste video link you have copied and then tap on “Browse History

Step 3: after this, click on date you have uploaded the video and that you want. You will see a list of videos uploaded on that particular date. Now select the video you want and download it to restore.

Method 3: Take Help From YouTube Support

When you still fail to find your missing YouTube videos then you can take help from Support Team. You have to send an email to restore the deleted videos from channel. But remember that your channel should have 10,000 views or should be in YouTube Partner Program.

The below steps are for you:

  • First, sign in to your YouTube channel and move down to bottom page and tap on Help
  • Then tap on Need more help > Get Creator Support
  • Select required issue from category list and then tap on Email Support. Also you have to click on “contact the Creator Support team” link.

Method 4: Recover Original Videos On Phone

You fail to find your deleted YouTube videos using the above methods and problem is more because you have also deleted those videos from phone as well.

Don’t worry, there is a way that can help you to get out of the situation but make sure you access the same device from which you have created the video and later on uploaded to YouTube.

Whenever your videos are deleted from phone then there are lots of programs that allows you to retrieve the missing video or other data from phone. In this situation, you should use YouTube Video Recovery which is one of the convenient and effective tool to restore missing videos. It works in any situation you have lost or deleted videos from YouTube.

This program can work on any Android phone you have used to record videos and want to upload them on YouTube but they are wiped away. The tool is easy to use and restores YouTube videos without any backup.

Bonus Tip: What To Do When YouTube Channel Gets Deleted

Millions of users are active on YouTube and they create their own channel on it. In fact, they are the owner of their channel but some incidents happen that deletes the entire channel. Due to this, the uploaded videos are invisible but you have the fix for it.

The only option for you is to contact Google service immediately without any delay. Check out the below steps:

  • You have to visit: and fill the application form
  • Here specify the contact details and also reason for blocking along with a promise of not to break rules next time or will not go against any violations.
  • Now wait for the response from support team
  • When you get a positive response then login to it with correct details and open your channel, read the message with recommendations and properly follow them

NOTE– If you have deleted your YouTube channel by yourself due to any reason then you can go through detailed instruction from Google here.


When you are fully dedicated on your YouTube videos and you income from it on regular basis then losing videos from it is really annoying. But good news is that you have several options to retrieve deleted YouTube videos.

I hope whatever solutions discussed in this blog will surely help you to get back deleted videos from YouTube without any problem.

Further if you have any suggestion or queries then don’t forget to drop them in below comment section.

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