[6 Methods] How To Recover Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger

[6 Methods] How To Recover Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger

Did you lost your Facebook Messenger messages on Android and looking how to recover deleted Facebook messenger messages on Android?

Worried about how to retrieve deleted messages on Messenger?

When such unwanted data loss occurs then nothing goes on the mind of what to do and how to tackle the situation. This is not only with you but with lots of people come through this condition.

But there is nothing to worry about as you can still recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook Messenger.

In this blog, I will guide you with some of the helpful ideas on how to retrieve deleted messages on Facebook chat with ease.

So let us know how?

But before that, let us see some of the user’s experience that many users have reported about their problem.

Practical scenario 1:

Recovering deleted facebook messages

I desperately need to restore deleted messages from Facebook.

Can anyone help me?

From- http://www.tomsguide.com/forum/247219-49-recovering-deleted-facebook-messages

Practical scenario 2:

Is there way to recover deleted facebook messages?

As title says, is there a way to recover fb/messenger messages i have already deleted?

From- http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3708027/recover-deleted-facebook-messages.html

Are Deleted Facebook Messages really deleted from Android phone?

Do you think that your deleted Facebook messages are gone forever when they are wiped once?

The answer is NO.

Facebook Messages and Messenger apps are not the only chats that still stay on the device but other Android data are also available on the phone even after deletion.

It means that when anything gets deleted from your phone like Facebook conversations then they are not actually removed. Whenever any messages are deleted from the Facebook app then it goes directly to the archived folder.

And those messages can be retrieved from an archived folder with ease or can be recovered by using the Facebook Message Delete Recovery program.

Does Facebook keep messages forever?

Generally, Facebook saves all your conversations by default and there is no need to keep them. If you want to delete those messages permanently then they can be done by going to conversation history in Facebook messages.

Even after you close the chat window on Facebook, the messages sent or received are still there. It also means that whatever chats you have done with your friends with text or email are still available on the chat window and you can see them when you visit the app.

Now, its time to check out the convenient methods that will help you on how to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Messages On Facebook?

After losing important messages from Facebook, you might have a question in the mind of how can I recover permanently deleted Messenger messages, right?

Now there is no need to worry as I will show you some best ways to retrieve deleted messages on Messenger.

So let’s walk through them…

Method 1: How To Recover Permanently Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger Without Backup (RECOMMENDED)

When you face any kind of issue on your Android phone is getting back the missing Facebook messages/conversations then one of the convenient ways to deal with the situation is by using a third-party program.

Using Android Data Recovery software, you will be able to retrieve deleted messages on Facebook chat from Android without any issue.

Whatever chat messages or conversations are removed from the phone, they all are easily retrieved. Also, the best part of using this software is not only your Facebook messages are retrieved but other data as well also get recovered.

Those users who have questions about how do I recover deleted Facebook messenger messages on Android, for them this is the best software. This help user to recover deleted messages on Facebook messenger without any need of backup.

So now, its time to Download Android Data Recovery software and recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook messenger.

Steps to recover deleted Facebook messenger messages on Android

Method 2: Recover deleted Facebook Messages on Android using Facebook Messenger (Archived Folder)

Many users ask on how to recover deleted messages on the Facebook messenger app and they can be easily recovered. Because sometimes those chats are archived on Messenger and they think that they are gone forever.

But before you go to restore messages from the archived folder, you should also know how to archive your Facebook messages. It can be used on the Facebook website, Messenger as it allows proper control over it.

Steps to archive Facebook messages:

Step 1: First go to Messenger and open a recent conversation. Then move down to contact that you want to archive and do a long press. See the below image.

Step 2: Here you can see the list of items reflecting on the image

Step 3: You have to choose Archive and your selected chats/conversations will move to an archive folder.

Steps that will help to recover archived Facebook messages from Facebook Messenger.

    • First, open Messenger App and then move to a recent conversation
    • Now click on the search bar and look for the chats/conversations you have archived

  • After you found your important chats or messages, simply select it and click on Unarchive Message. If you want to find Facebook Archived messages in website version then go to Messages > More > Archived

Method 3: How to retrieve deleted messages on Facebook chat using Android phone memory

You might know that all your Facebook messages are saved as a copy of the physical memory of your Android phone. Using any file explorer application will be helpful to restore Facebook messages.

Below are the steps mentioned on how to recover deleted Facebook messenger messages on Android with the help of Android phone memory.

  • First, download and install File Explorer app on Android phone from Play Store

  • After launching the app, go to Device internal storage > Android > Data

  • Look for the folder that contains the Facebook name “com.facebook.orca” and after that, go to Cache > fb_temp. Here you will get all the backup of Facebook conversation and you can easily get back Facebook Messages from the backup files.

Method 4: How to recover deleted messages on Facebook messenger from Downloaded Facebook data?

Well, Facebook allows users to download a copy of Facebook info like emails, messages, followers, chats, friends, and others. Follow the below steps to get back data from Facebook:

  • First, log in to Facebook account and then go to Settings
  • After that, go to general account Settings > click on ‘Download a copy of Facebook data
  • Here you will be directed to the page where you can easily download every bit of information from your account. After that, tap on Download a copy of your information or can transfer to another device.

  • Now here you have to read the information that will be downloaded and then tap on “Create File’ button

  • A pop-up message will occur on the screen saying the time taken to collect all information and you can download entire data. After that, tap on Download option to proceed further

  • You will get an email on the linked one with a download link. After that, tap on ‘Download Archive’, and all your data will be downloaded on your phone. Now unzip the folder and search ‘index’ file that consists of your Facebook Data > Select ‘Messages’ and look for your lost Facebook Messages.

Method 5: Ask The Recipient To Send You A Copy Of Your Messages

It’s possible that your messages are deleted from Facebook Messenger but they are available to the recipient.

Yes, its possible, and you can ask that recipient to send you a copy of those messages. Either he/she can send you the message or will send a screenshot of the particular chat.

When your Messenger messages are removed then those chats are not removed from your partner or friends. Unless they delete them manually, the send messages are still available on their Facebook.

So simple way to get back lost messages on Facebook Messenger is to ask a copy of the messages from the sender or recipient.

Method 6: Ensure To Set Up Email Notification To Retrieve Facebook Messages

When you wrongly delete your messages from Messenger then your email notification set up can help you to get back. If you have noticed then on your Facebook, you can receive a message every time on email when you have set up it properly.

So if you have enabled it then you can check out the email for the disappeared messages. You have to go to Menu / Settings / Notifications / Email.

Also, ensure you have enabled the option “All notifications except the ones you unsubscribe from” to receive.

This option is very useful and one of the best ways to get back your lost messages via email.

If you don’t know to which email your Facebook is connected then you can find it on Settings / General.

Users Questions:

Is there any way to recover messages marked as spam on Facebook Messenger?

Yes, there is a way to recover spam marked messages on Facebook messenger. Here is how:

  • First, go to the Facebook mobile version (http://m.facebook.com/)
  • Now tap on “Messages” and move down. There you will see “See All Messages
  • Then click on it and you will get “View Spam messages
  • Simply tap on it and you will see list of messages in spam folder
  • Now choose the particular conversation and unspam it

Here it is important to note that there may be some messages missing in the spam folder. Now, this issue is from the Facebook site, so it’s not your fault when you don’t get some conversation in the spam folder. But this is also true that you will not able to recover deleted Facebook messages on Android.

Previously, there was a “Spam” folder on Facebook desktop version but its not available in the latest version. So you should check it in the mobile version.

How can I recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages from another phone using my phone?

It’s not possible to retrieve deleted Facebook Messenger messages from another phone. The reason is simple, once they are removed from your account, it gets permanently removed from the Facebook server. And there is no way to get them using another phone to log in to the same account.

So you should be careful when you delete Messenger messages as once you delete them, they are also deleted from its server.

The Bottom Line

After going through this entire blog, I hope you have come to know about some of the best ways on how to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages on Android. All methods are useful and easy to use to recover deleted Facebook messages on Android.

Further, if you have any more suggestions or methods then you can drop a comment in the below COMMENT section.

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