Huawei Honor Data Recovery- Recover Lost or Deleted Data from Huawei Honor Phones (2019 Updated)

Huawei Honor Data Recovery- Recover Lost or Deleted Data from Huawei Honor Phones (2019 Updated)


Losing all important files like contacts, photos, videos, text messages, documents etc from Huawei Honor phone can be distressful, right? But now there is no need to worry as with the help of Huawei Honor Data Recovery, its easy to restore deleted data from Huawei phones.

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Everyone is familiar with Huawei phones as it is popular in the Smartphone industry with stunning looks and amazing features. Everyone loves to use this phone as it does several task easily and provide lots of storage space to store tons of data of user.

But have you ever thought those data stored on Huawei phones can be erased accidentally? You might know that your important data might get removed or wiped away from your phone due to several reasons and you are not aware of the fact.

So for your convenience, in this blog I will discuss about how to recover deleted files from Huawei Honor phone.

So read further…

I would like to share some users experience about data loss from Huawei phones. Let see them first..

Practical scenario

just as title, I just upgrade my Huawei mate and some data is lost. I don’t have any back up. how can i get those data back. there are some contacts, photos and messages.


Another one

I accidentally deleted 200 photos from my Mate 9, as I know, to recover these photos, I need to “root” my Mate 9 (B213) first, and before that, I need to get an unlock code from Huawei.

I’v already got the unlock code.

The unlock procedure prompts that all data will be deleted with a factory reset. I am not sure if this step will permanently erase all data on the storage.

Anyone has similar experience?

Thanks a lot!


Reasons behind data loss from Huawei Honor phone

We all nowadays access the touch screen phones and this increases the chance of making mistakes, which leads to severe data loss. This does not happen in Huawei phones but all other Smartphones also have the same issue.

So let us read about some of the common causes behind data loss from Honor phones and they are:

Accidentally or mistakenly deletion– Deleting files from Android phones accidentally or unintentionally is one of the common causes for data loss. Instead of deleting the selected files, some other data gets erased and users end up losing up important stuffs.

Formatting the device or SD card– Many times, users mistakenly click on “Format” option and the entire data stored on the device gets wiped away.

Ejecting the memory card improperly– Sometimes ejecting the SD card improperly also leads to severe data loss and makes the data invisible

Using the same SD card on different devices– If you use the same SD card on other Android devices then also there are chances that your important stuffs gets missing.

Virus attack– When any harmful virus enters into your phone then it corrupts the whole phone and the data stored on it also gets corrupted or damaged.

Stolen/lost– When your phone gets stolen or dropped somewhere you don’t know then also you can end up losing all your important files from Huawei Honor phone.

Damaged/corrupted phone– Many times your device hardware gets damaged either by getting wet or falling from a height that makes the phone damaged completely leading to data loss.

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Is it possible to recover lost data from Huawei phones?

This question comes from several Android phone users after they lose their important data. They actually in confusion whether the erased data can be recovered or they are gone forever.

Without taking much time, the good news is that the deleted data from Huawei phone can be restored.

But how is the main question?

Well, when any data gets wiped away from Android devices then they are not moved permanently but they becomes invisible and makes that space available for other data to get store. In between, if you immediately use any recovery software then the deleted ones can be recovered.

But there are also few important things to remember and they are:

  • Stop using your phone immediately as soon you come to know about data loss. This is highly recommended because if you further access your device then new data can be saved and the old data will get overwrite and chance of getting back the deleted data will become impossible
  • Turn off all your mobile data or Wi-Fi to save unknown data on Huawei phone
  • Immediately search for any recovery tool to get back all erased files from Huawei phones

After reading the above paragraph, now its time for you to know about the recovery ways that can help you to get back all missing data from Huawei Honor phones.

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Methods to recover lost files from Huawei Honor phone

Here you will get several ways to restore deleted files from Huawei phones such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, audio files and many more.

So here, you will go through the step-by-step guide to retrieve deleted data from Huawei phones without any difficulty.

So lets begin with the solutions…

Method 1: How to recover lost photos from Huawei via Google photos

Whenever you access your new phone then you are asked to enter a Google account. If you have done so then your all data like photos and videos are synced to the account and you can get back your deleted photos from it.

Now follow the below steps carefully:

Step 1: Go to “Google Photos” or the “Photos” section where your photos are available

Step 2: Now click on upper right hand of the program

Step 3: Here you can find “Trash” option

Step 4: Check whether the photos are available or not. If available, then click on the photos and select them to restore

Step 5: Now press “Restore” option to proceed further

You don’t have to connect it to your computer and one of the easy way to get back erased photos.

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Method 2: Steps to backup and restore photos/videos from Google photos

To avoid any kind of data loss from Huawei phones, you should turn on backup & sync feature in Google photos option. For more details, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Google Photos on your phone and ensure the account you have used is the same as Google account
  • Now click on Menu icon in left corner
  • Here you have to select Settings > Backup & Sync
  • After that, turn backup button on or off. Here you have to check whether the videos or photos are available or not.

Whenever your photos or videos are deleted then they are automatically moved to Trash folder for 60 days. You can restore them within 60 days of deletion.

Now follow the steps below to restore those photos/videos from Huawei phones

  • Simply go to Google Photos and click on Menu icon on left
  • There you have to click on “Trash” icon
  • Check and the select the deleted photos/videos to recover
  • Select on Restore and all those data will be recovered to Google Photos app.

That’s it.

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Method 3: How to restore lost files from Huawei Honor using Google Drive

Google Drive is not unknown for Android users as this is one of the best option to store all important data from Android phone. It allows users to save up to 15GB of data including pictures, videos, audios and other files as well.

Steps to follow to recover lost data from Google drive.

  • Simply sign in to your Google account and then go to Drive section
  • After that, you can see several files that you have saved on My Drive section
  • Select the files you want to restore and then click on download option. Doing this, all your files will be downloaded to your defined space.

If this step does not work then follow the below steps:

Step 1: To restore files from Google Drive, you have to factory reset your phone by going to Settings > Factory Reset > Factory Reset/Wipe Data and then restart your device

Step 2: After your phone reboots, enter the Gmail asked on screen and then click on Next option

Step 3: Here you will see an option where it will ask whether you want to restore data from old backup saved on Gmail account and then click on Confirm

Step 4: At last, wait for sometime until your entire data gets successfully restored on your phone

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Method 4: Recover deleted data from Huawei Honor via built-in backup feature

You might also know that Huawei provide its users with own backup & restore feature which is also known as built-in backup App. You can get more details from PHONE BACKUP AND RESTORE GUIDE – HUAWEI.

So here, how built-in backup app works for Huawei users and they can easily restore their deleted data from it.

Part 1: How to backup photos/videos using in-built backup app

  • First, run the Backup App on your phone and then choose Backup

  • Then select the location on which you need to backup photos, videos, contacts etc and click on “Next”. You have a choice to backup on SD card, internal memory, USB storage or on computer’s folder.
  • After that, select the file types you want to backup such as contacts, photos, messages, and then you need to set a password. After this, click on Next or you can skip the passcode setting. See the below picture after setting a password.

Part 2: How to restore deleted photos and other data using Huawei’s Backup app

  • First open Backup App and then click on “Restore” button to restore backed up data. After that, click on Next to move further

  • While backing up data, if password is setup then enter the password and click on OK. After that, choose the data you wish to restore and click on “Start restoration

  • When the restoration begins, a popup dialog box will appear where you have to select the location to restore the files. Then click on OK to continue the restoring process of your deleted data.

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Method 5: Recover deleted data using Huawei Honor Data Recovery

Apart from all the above methods, there is also another option to get back deleted data from Huawei phone and that is by using Huawei Honor Data Recovery. This professional recovery tool helps you to retrieve erased Huawei Honor data with ease. When the manual methods don’t work for you then you don’t have to worry.

Simply use this powerful program and restore every important file from Huawei Honor phones. The software supports every Huawei phones including the latest ones like Huawei P30 and P30 Pro and also works best in any OS.

So, without any delay, you should Download Huawei Honor Data Recovery software and recover lost files with ease.

Step to step guide on how to use Huawei Honor Data Recovery tool

Step 1. Connect Your Android Phone

First download Android Recovery software and then select “Recover

Now connect your android device to PC via USB cable. Also be sure you have enabled USB debugging. After your device gets connected, below mentioned image will appear:

Step 2. Select the file types to scan

After your device is connected to PC, Android Recovery software will display data types that it supports. Here you have to select the data types you want to recover.

If your device is rooted then the software will show you two options: Scan deleted files and scan for all files. Here selecting scan for all files will take longer time but will work effectively.

After that click on “Next” to continue the process.

Now it will scan your device to rescue lost data. This will take few minutes.

Step 3. Now preview and recover deleted data

At last when the entire scanning gets over, you have the preview option where you can check which data to recover. Select them and click “Recover” to save all lost data on your PC.

Extra Tip- Guide to avoid losing important stuffs from Huawei phones

You may don’t know when an unwanted situation can lead to severe data loss from your Huawei phones, so why to go through that situation. One thing that you should do is to backup all your necessary stuffs in safe place.

You can use third party tool like Android Backup & Restore tool that efficiently backups all your important content and whenever required, its easy to restore them without any problem.

Apart from this, there are also other things that should be remembered and they are:

  • Try to sync and save all your contacts or other data on Android phone with Google account
  • Use cloud services to store all your important stuffs
  • Always make a regular backup of your necessary files to avoid any kind of data loss
  • Take care of your phone so that it don’t gets damaged or broken


Its important to take care of your all data especially when there are chances to lose them without any intimation. However, you should follow this blog to recover all your lost data from Huawei Honor phones. When the manual solutions don’t work then using powerful recovery tool will help you to get back all your wiped away data.

If you have any suggestion then don’t forget to drop any comment in the below section.

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