14 Ways To Fix Instagram Story Not Posting On Android

Have you been trying to post an Instagram Story for a long time but it does not work? This can be very annoying when you are recording a new story or just want to repost some previous stories you have already posted.

In this article, we are going to discuss the possible solution to Fix Instagram Story not posting on Android. As you know in Android phones, video recording is not available in the Instagram app that’s why some of you are struggling with the problem – Why doesn’t my Instagram story post?

If you have already tried all possible solutions here. If you get an Instagram story won’t post on Android phone then read this article till the end.

What Are The Reasons For Instagram Story Not Posting On Android?

There can be many reasons why your Instagram story is not working.

Let’s look at some of them:

  • Your Internet connection is slow or your network is fluctuating.
  • The Instagram app is corrupted and needs a reinstallation.
  • You do not have enough space on your phone to upload a story.
  • Outdated app version
  • The Instagram server is down or undergoing maintenance
  • Outdated OS

How To Fix Instagram Story Not Posting On Android Phone

Now, it’s time to walk through all the possible fixes for can’t upload Instagram stories from gallery. So let’s read further.

Solution 1: Restart Your Android Device

Though there are several fixes for errors you come across but a simple solution is to restart your phone once. After restarting your device, lots of issues or problems are fixed automatically without any problem further.

But if restarting does not help you and you still get Instagram story stuck on posting then move to the next solution.

restart phone

Solution 2: Check For Bad Internet Connection

If your internet connection is weak, Instagram will default to saving your story as a draft rather than posting it immediately. To avoid this problem, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data before you start recording your video.

This is very important but still, most users don’t bother with bad internet and blame other things for the error.

Solution 3: The Video Is Too Long

If you can’t post a photo or video, make sure that the file isn’t too large. The file size needs to be 5 MB or smaller. This is especially important if the file was originally sent via email or downloaded from another device.

Remember for videos, the length of the video doesn’t exceed 15 seconds and that the aspect ratio is between 4:5 and 16:9 (for example, 750×1334).

Solution 4: Reinstall Your Instagram App

Another useful way to get rid of such errors is by reinstalling the Instagram app once. In fact, this method has also helped lots of users.

Go to the Settings menu on your phone, go to Apps, select Instagram and Uninstall the app. After you uninstall the app, download the latest version of Instagram from Google Play Store and Install it again.

Install instagram

Also, check if there is anything wrong with your device’s camera. Take a picture or record a video using the default camera app of your device and check if it is working properly so that Instagram can use its services for posting Stories.

Solution 5: Force Close Instagram App

When the app continues to throw the same error then you should force stop the app once. This will close the app completely and restart it without any problem.

Follow the given steps:

  • First, open Settings on your phone
  • Now, find and click on Application
  • Next, look for the Instagram app and choose it
  • After that, click on option Force Close to close the app

Force stop Instagram

Once the steps are finished, try to post your stories on Instagram and check if everything is working fine

Solution 6: Clear Instagram Cache And Data

Sometimes, the Instagram story stuck on posting because of memory problems. Lots of cache and data gathering stops the app from functioning properly.

So in such a situation, you need to clear the data and cache of the app.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, open Settings on your device and look for Apps
  • Now, you will get the list of apps installed on your device
  • Look for the Instagram app and open it
  • Next, click on the Storage option and click on the “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” options.

Instagram clear cache

After doing all the steps, open your Instagram app and try to upload your stories to check if the error is resolved.

Solution 7: Log Out And Log In To Instagram

If the issue continues then you should once log out from the app and again log in to it. This process is easy to follow and works effectively to get rid of the issue.

You should log out from the app properly by clicking on the Profile picture first. Then click on three lines icon and click on Settings. Next, move down and click on Log Out.

logout instagram

Once you have logged out successfully, log in to the app via username and password and re-upload your Instagram story again.

Solution 8: Update The Instagram App

When the app is not updated to its latest version then also you can’t upload Instagram stories from gallery. Therefore, you should check whether your app requires any updates. This kind of update helps to fix any kind of bugs or glitches apart from security patches.

So simply go to Google Play Store > click on My Apps & Games where you will get the complete list of apps installed. Now, move down unless you get Instagram. Just check if any Update is available. If yes then tap on it to update the latest version.


After that, open the Instagram app and see if you are able to post stories of your choice.

Solution 9: Your Internet Connection Is Too Slow

Another reason Instagram Stories won’t post on Android is that your internet connection isn’t fast enough for the video to upload in time. If you’re uploading from an older phone or if you don’t have access to the best internet connection possible, try uploading a shorter video or recording one in standard definition (SD).

So you should check whether your device is getting the fast and proper connection or not.

Solution 10: Avoid Adding GIF In Story

Most of the users have reported that they were coming across an error while posting stories of GIF files. Now, this can be an Instagram bug and so it’s suggested to add your story without a GIF file.

But at the same time, it’s also suggested to ensure you have cleared the data and cache of the app. In addition, it is recommended to save your stories to your phone first and then upload the edited file if you are editing the stories within the app itself.

Solution 11: Delete And Re-Upload Your Story

One best way to fix Instagram not posting stories on Android is by deleting and re-uploading the story again. But it is suggested to save your story if you have recorded it live before you try this process.

After that, disable internet access on phone and you can see “Upload failed. Try Again” on the particular story. Simply click on the three dots at the bottom to save the story. Now, delete your story that you failed to upload and re-upload it again.

Solution 12: Update Date & Time On Your Phone

This solution may make you confused about what to do with date and time when such an error occurs? But you should know that when the date and time of your phone are wrong then users can get lots of issues.

So it’s suggested to check the date and time of your device and set it correctly. Once done, check if everything is working fine and then try to post a story on Instagram.

Solution 13: Check The Instagram Issue From Server End

Another possible way to fix the Instagram story not posting issue is to check whether the problem is from the server end. Most of the time, the Instagram problem is from server end and you should check it.


Visit the DownDetector website to see if there is any error or issues on Instagram. Lots of users report that they cannot upload pictures to the Instagram story. In addition, you can get the latest updates on Twitter as well via #instagramdown on Twitter.

Solution 14: Take Help From Instagram

The last solution I will suggest you is to contact Instagram support. Whenever you face an issue then you have the option to report the technical problems within the app itself.

You can simply go to your Instagram profile and click on the Menu icon. After that, click on Settings. Next, click on Help > Report a Problem.

Therefore, after the issue is resolved, you can post a story on Instagram without any issue.

Final word

So here the article comes to an end. I have discussed several solutions to fix Instagram story not posting on Android phone. There are several reasons for encountering such errors but no need to worry as there are ways to fix them.

If the issue continues then contact Instagram support and take help from them.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries then drop them in below comment section.

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