Everything To Know About iOS 17.4 Features- What’s New?

Apple has rolled out its new iOS 17.4 version and users can now update their devices to this new OS. It has included some advanced features especially in the European Union (EU) that users would love.

So if you are also willing to know what are the features that iOS 17.4 has come up with then this article is for you. Here, I will tell you some major changes that Apple has introduced with the iOS 17.4 version for its users.

So let’s read further.

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What Are The New Features On iOS 17.4?

Here are some of the iOS 17.4 important Features & Changes that you might look at and experience the changes on your devices.

Feature 1: New Welcome Screen

After you update your device to iOS 17.4 and restart it, you will see a newly designed welcome screen that will have your profile picture. This will somewhere attract users attention and they would love this change.

welcome screen

Feature 2: Alternative App Store

With the update of iOS 17.4, iPhone users will get an alternate App Store where they will get more choices apart from the default App Store. In this update, the developers can now offer in-app purchases via the App Store without any restriction.

alternate app

Feature 3: Transcripts In Apple Podcasts

Now, Apple Podcasts will support transcripts that will be generated automatically by Apple. Through this feature, users can read the full episode in text and can play by clicking on any point. It allows users to jump to any part of the episode and several other things.

Transcripts In Apple Podcasts

Feature 4: Battery Health Changes

With the update of iOS 17.4, users can know the health status of their iPhone’s battery easily. The change is available in the Battery menu where it will notify the health as “normal” if it is. According to Apple, the batteries of the iPhone 15 series give better performance than others.

Battery Health Changes

Feature 5: Change In Stolen Device Protection

After you update your device with iOS 17.4, you get a change in the Stolen Device Protection feature. You can enable it to add another security layer and works perfectly if any loss happens. You have an option to choose ALWAYS require a delay when changing security settings.

stolen device

Just select this and you add another level of security to your device that will work for you when something goes wrong.

Feature 6: Choose Default Browser Option

The iPhone users will now get a default browser option when opening Safari. This new feature is a bonus for the users in the EU. With this, the users will get better control of their browsing experience.

default browser

Feature 7: Siri Included Add Language Option

Siri is also updated and has added support for reading messages in different languages apart from the assigned language. It’s available in Settings > Siri & Search > Messaging with Siri. You can find the Add Language option under the Read Messages option where several language options are available.

Siri Upgrade

Feature 8: New Emojis Are Added

Users love emojis to use in several aspects and so several new emojis are added in iOS 17.4 where users can access and use them as per their requirements. 28 new emojis are added including phoenix, mushroom, nodding head, broken chain, head shaking vertically and horizontally, etc.

new emojis

All these emojis are attractive and iPhone users would love to use them whenever required.

Feature 9: Notarization For iOS Apps

This new feature is added by Apple to protect against any kind of malware attack fraud or scam. It’s an extra protection known as Notarization for iOS apps and it’s available for all apps. It aims to protect users from using an automated check along with human reviews.


So all these are some iOS 17.4 Features that users would love to use on their devices after updating. Every update comes up with some extra and advanced changes to iPhone users and so iOS 17.4 has done with. Just update your phone OS and access the new features.

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