[TIPS]- How To Check Hidden WhatsApp Last Seen On Android

Are you a WhatsApp user? Have you hidden your last seen from others due to some privacy reasons or do you want to see others last seen?

If yes then this blog is MUST TO READ for you!

Many users hide their WhatsApp last seen history so that others don’t track them. Even you might also want to track someone’s last seen especially when they hide them.

The reason can be very interesting for this: you are very much interested to see what your girlfriend or boyfriend or your wife was seen last on WhatsApp.

But when the last seen is hidden then you cannot do anything as you don’t have any idea of how to track WhatsApp last seen, right?

But now, you don’t have to worry to check their last seen on WhatsApp. This article will guide you completely on how to check last seen on WhatsApp?

What Is The Problem With Last Seen On Whatsapp?

When you are blocked by someone on WhatsApp then it’s impossible to check their last seen or see their status. Even this thing happens when a person hides their last seen status from others to see.

In such a desperate situation, you think of creating another WhatsApp account and keeping track of that particular number.

But why waste so much time as creating another account does not make any sense.

I would like to say that there are several WhatsApp last seen checker tools that can help you to track the person last seen.

How To Check Hidden Last Seen On WhatsApp?

Do many users want to know how to see last seen on WhatsApp even in hidden on Android?

Well, many apps can help people to keep track of WhatsApp last seen regardless of last seen hidden on the phone.

So let’s move ahead and see the last seen WhatsApp checker tools when it’s hidden or blocked.

  1. Whatsadog App

This is a popular tool available on Google Play Store to be notified when a person gets online on WhatsApp. This app doesn’t need to install WhatsApp on your phone, it simply needs the phone number of a person to start tracking.

After it gives you details of that person, below is what you have to do next:

  • First, install Whatsdog on your Android phone from Google Play Store and then launch it
  • Now, login to it after you create an account via email id and finally click on Start. You also have an option to log in with Facebook and Twitter accounts as well.


  • Next, choose contacts to begin tracking of WhatsApp. Remember you can choose multiple contacts in the new version and click on OK


  • Here you will see the statistics of the contacts last seen. It will show the online time, connected time, and offline time. If the person is still online then also it will show.


  • Even you can get a notification when the person comes online in WhatsApp


  1. Use SeeLine

SeeLine is yet another powerful app that can help you to track WhatsApp last seen on Android. This is also available on the Play Store (if not available then download from other sources)

Follow the steps:

  • First, download and install the SeeLine app on your Android phone
  • Now open the app and allow permission
  • Then click on Add User icon (+) in the upper right corner and choose WhatsApp. Note– This app is also compatible with Vk.com and Telegram for tracking
  • Next, enter the WhatsApp number that you want to track, give a name and click on OK to proceed

And that’s it. Now SeeLine will track WhatsApp’s last seen hidden of that particular number. It will also give a notification when that person connects or disconnects WhatsApp. You can see the online status of that person on Seeline timing chart.

Note– Remember that while using this app, only one user will be tracked in its free version. If you want more than one then you have to buy a monthly pass.

  1. WhatzTrack

WhatzTrack is also one of the helpful apps to monitor WhatsApp last seen hidden on Android. Using this app, you can track more than one number or even from a different user interface.

This is very useful when someone has blocked you and you still want to see the last seen of that person.

Here is how to get started with:

  • First, download and install the WhatzTrack app on an Android phone from Google Play Store
  • Now open the app and allow necessary permission
  • Next, enter the name and number of the person that you wish to track in Numbers to track After you click on Start, the monitoring process starts.
  • Its statistics tab shows the user’s online program on WhatsApp. It will show the exact connection time and the time spent on WhatsApp when it’s offline.

NOTE- This app gives better results but the free version is only available for eight hours. If you evaluate in Play Store then it provides a 12-hour extension.

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It becomes necessary for several Android users who want to know how to check hidden WhatsApp last seen on Android. And the good news is that there is a possibility to see last seen on WhatsApp even in hidden on Android.

Here in this blog, I have discussed a few essential ways to track WhatsApp last seen on Android.

Further, if you have any suggestions or queries then kindly mention them in below comment section.

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