Best Possible Ways To Recover Lost Viber Messages on Android

Best Possible Ways To Recover Lost Viber Messages On Android

Are you a Viber user who has lost Viber messages and looking for solutions to recover lost Viber messages? This blog will completely guide you on how to recover deleted Viber messages without backup.

If you see today’s generation then all traditional voice calls and SMS are on the defensive part and in those places, new applications have taken place. Among several, WhatsApp and Viber are the two most popular ones.

As WhatsApp is popular in a messaging app, similar, Viber is also one of the popular instant messaging app that allows us to send photos, messages, videos, make calls to anyone who have installed the same application.

But unlike WhatsApp, Viber doesn’t keep a copy of its chat history on its server or on the device. In fact, millions of people now use Viber on their Android devices to chat with another person. No matter you are using an instant messaging app on your Android device, you should be aware of the data loss problem.

Just think about what you would do when you accidentally delete the Viber app from your device? Do you have any idea on how to restore Viber messages without backup on Android once they are deleted?

I am sure many of them don’t have any idea about this, but you don’t have to worry much. This blog is for you and here you will know how to restore Viber messages without backup on Android device.

Android Data Recovery- Recover lost/deleted data from Android phones

The best and effective tool to recover lost, deleted, inaccessible data from Android phones. Some unique features include:

  • Directly recover several data types like photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
  • Recover lost data in any critical situation like accidental, unintentional, factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons
  • Provides one-click option to “Recover” deleted files without backup


Common reasons that can lead to deletion of Viber messages

Maybe you are familiar with the data loss reasons if you have ever encountered it previously. If not then few causes are:

  • Accidentally Viber app is deleted and hence the Viber conversations are removed
  • Restoring Android device to factory settings and all data with Viber messages are erased
  • Android OS gets crashed and Viber chats are no longer accessible
  • Mistakenly the important messages are deleted
  • While updating Android OS, along with other data, Viber chats are also removed

Can You Retrieve Deleted Messages From Viber?

Yes, there is a possibility to restore Viber messages on Android.

But you might want to know how it is possible, right?

Well, whenever the messages from Viber is deleted then it does not permanently goes of. So there is a chance to get those Viber messages only when you have not used the app further to chat.

Is it possible to use the same Viber account in two different devices?

Many users want to know if this is possible or not. However, I would like to say that there is no possibility to use the same Viber account on two different devices.

Here you have to use two different accounts. And this rule is also applied for tablets as well if they are the primary device like your phone. It means that your primary account can connect as many secondary devices as you wish.

How Can I Recover Deleted Viber Messages On Android

Here I am going to give you some best ways to recover lost Viber messages. Go through them and find your best ways for Viber messages disappeared.

How to Restore Viber messages without backup on Android?

You already know that Viber conversations don’t have any backup which means that once they disappear means they are gone.

But you still have hope because using powerful recovery software, you can restore lost Viber messages on Android devices.

Android Data Recovery software is known as one of the best solution to recover lost Viber messages from Android phones and tablets. With the use of this program, all the Viber chats are recovered and along with that, other data like WhatsApp messages, contacts, videos, photos, call history, text messages, and others are easily restored.

With its powerful scanning techniques, the entire deleted data from the Android device is retrieved. This tool is easy to use and supports all Android OS. The best part of this tool is that it doesn’t matter how the data or Viber chats are deleted. It works effectively to recover Viber messages without backup from the device.

So simply Download Android Data Recovery software and restore Viber messages without backup on Android devices.

Steps to recover lost Viber messages on Android

Using Google Drive backup to restore Viber messages

  • First, connect your device to Google Drive account
  • After that, activate Viber on it
  • At last, select Restore Viber Content

Restore Viber chats using Viber backup

  • First, open More screen and click on Settings
  • Select Account and then choose Viber Backup

  • Now click on Restore
  • At last, select Restore Now

Important- If you face any problem in backing up Viber messages with the built-in feature then another option that you can use is by creating backup files through Email of all your Viber messages. For that, you have to go Settings in Viber > select Calls and messages > click Email message history. But with this process, you should also know that you cannot add the messages again to the Viber account.

Restore Viber Backup from Computer to Android:

  • First, you have to connect your phone to the computer
  • Then choose the backup file under “Local Database” list
  • Now right click on the backup file and click on “Transfer Messages from Database to Android”. Otherwise, you can right-click on particular contact name that is under phone name and then select “Transfer Messages with this Contact to Android” to get back single Viber conversation
  • After this, the program will show a popup window asking to choose an Android device to restore Viber messages, just select it and then at last, confirm it.



Viber is an instant messaging app used by several Android users. But they never take care of their important conversations, which are of no guarantee as they can lose any time. So why deal with such conditions when we have lots of ways to backup the essential chats in a safe place.

I hope this blog will help you to recover deleted Viber messages on Android devices and also avoid you next time to lose any data.

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